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An LJ buddy, now a Dreamwidth buddy came to visit. Jon is sight-impaired, so he had his friend Temre drive him down yesterday, she is also a really fun person. I dragged them to my main haunts, The Pint Pot and Old Nick's. I drove them to the top of Skinner Butte for a nice view, obviously Jon is sight-impaired, but the train whistle made it kind of audible where we were.

I've been playing nautical music, and "bawdy sea chanteys" (in the style of Canadian Folk Music Legend Oscar Brand, and yes OK The Sex Pistols!) and combining that music. Partly, these ideas were inspired by my love of Flogging Molly, as well. I first attended 'Seadog Nights' way back in 2009, and mostly had a rough time, trying to wrangle the group, Man Overboard. Somehow I got stuck basically baby-sitting a violent drunk for a while. ew.
They were a challenging group, with oversize egos, and a thirst for alcohol.
I felt ripped off because I had invested time in practicing with these guys and learning THEIR songs and we didn't really get much chance to play
but another LJ pal ("bychoice") cooked some amazing meals on that trip
the area gets hot as balls, there is a river nearby, but its very slow-moving and manky.
Usually, the vendor area is a little cooler, and that's where we'll mostly be, pimping the wieners, but its supposed to be 92 tomorrow and 99 saturday.

I go there to make music, drinking is OK, but its easy to over-do it when everyone wants to share grog with the chantey-man,

do the LARP-ers bother me? Heck no, its meant to be an immersive experience, and I'm, in effect, breaking character, and being 'not period'. Like, I actually DO get heckled, by people who ARE staying in character,, and its difficult for me to kind of, bite my tongue, and nod stupidly, I guess, if something like this is going to RUIN your immersive experience, then maybe ... stop taking your fun so seriously? any who,

Sea dog Nights and Gypsy Carnival was the first event, and they expanded to include an adults only event in September, called Tortuga. Last year a third was added, Port Royal. and it must be driven by the merchants, because its basically an unregulated market, and there are lots of (white) people who go absolutely nucking futs for this shit. As a musician, we just camp with Scot and Maggie and their 'Willie's Wieners' hot dog cart.
so we can get free hot dogs, but we haven't had much luck passing the hat, and again with the alcohol consumption, people go literally overboard...

I'm thinking of going to Port Royal with the Willie's Wieners camp. I may even take a cooler with fruits and cheeses. and I've reached out to Alika from the original Man Overboard, though he's a bit of a recluse lately...

So Le Petit Mort will play at Sea Dog this year. But I think Scot hates the LARPers, at least the kids (they call them 'smalls' and they rove in packs, with foam swords, they try to shake you down, and they are "allowed" to "steal" only flags, as that's an inclusive event that you don't need a fancy expensive costume to participate in.

and maybe again at Tortuga.

Davy Jones Locker Combo will play at Tenmile Mountain Jam in Yachats in August. The campout has been extended by one day, in order to allow a (hopefully) great view of the solar eclipse! So Le Petit Mort will also probably play there, these bands share the same three members....

Tenmile Mountain Jam is famous for great barbecue, lots of fireworks, Rollo does his peculiar brand of mind-melting mashups and bizarre cover tunes, The Harvel Hangover on Sunday morning. He has actually been doing that for 14 years, through the campout's three different locations,

I'm headed down to the Bay Area for Burger Boogaloo

I'm taking my son James, and his buddy Dylan. We'll stay with my brother in Berkeley July 1 and 2, then drive to L.A. July 3rd, which is my sister's birthday.
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hey everybody

I'm playing guitar with The Indiscretions tonight at Old Nick's. We go on last, hopefully the crowd will be favorably sauced by the time we play, and I will endeavor to not get sloshed before showtime, ugh, which will probably be 11:30, maybe 12:00.

we had a practice last night, and I think I played some of the best I've ever with these songs, and with this lineup.

we've been adding microphones, now everyone does the backup vocals, and when it works its really good.

LA City Council Passes Resolution To Back Trump Impeachment Investigation !

We still do a fair amount of cover material, but we're working on shedding some of that, and we've done 2 recordings of the same material, once with my macbook, and Jimmy (drummer) then later recorded us with a'stand-alone' 16 track recorder.

I'm still figuring out the Dreamwidth interface, so forgive the lack of fireworks in recent  (and upcoming?) posts.

The Big O is happening this weekend, quite possibly the largest roller derby tournament on earth!  I got free tickets for all three days, but i'll probably only be able to go today and sunday.

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big surprise, our new golfer-in-chief has EMBOLDENED all kinds of white supremecists and hate mongers.

Exxxx, the owner of one of my favorite bars, Oxx Nxxx'x, has stuck to her guns and kept up all the ANTIFA stickers on the exterior of the building, and she's been drawn into online flame wars and zero star rating wars with racists and white nationalists, in this the mighty white state of Oregon.

Oregon has a long illustrious history of racism
.  black exclusion and 'sundown laws' (some of which were ont he books until the 1980's, if I'm not mistaken) and the Eugene/Springfield lacks the kind of diversity I grew up with in Southern California.

Facebook has blown up with right wing nationalist groups, as well as their detractors and anti fascist groups, some of which are just as angry and/or violent.  So there's all this anger out there, most of it very misplaced, either by ignorance or by intolerance, on both sides.

No, this is not the "front" of this battle, as far as our nation is concerned, but the desire to punch nazis and voice opposition to hate is strong.  But like it or not, we ('white' residents) have all somehow profited, to whatever degree, by the lack of racial diversity, sure we have poverty nearby, but our state welfare systems are not taxed beyond their limiits, as in states where instituional racism was more focused against minorities.

Oregon is now known as a liberal, blue state, we have some really great representatives like Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkekley,  and Pete DeFazio.  But somehow, we have to own up to the ways in which we've benefitted by exclusion and institutional racism.

and punch nazis.  actually, elbow them in the nose.

The univeristy of Oregon has recently re-named some of its buildings, ( the re-naming was completed in September 2016) as they had been named after U of O alumni who were Klansmen (Frederic Dunn, and Matthew Deady)

someday, .........we'll look back and laugh?

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I'm sitting in an airbnb house in Miami.  its set up like a dorm room, with 8 bunkbeds in 2 of the rooms, with a shared bathroom, kitchen and dining room

I got into Miami late Wednesday night, and got to the airbnb at about 1:30

Thursday, I walked around the neighbohood a bit, then walked about 7 miles to the "Land Party"
which featured The Attack, No Name Ska Band, Askultura and others, including a folk punk group that played at a second, smaller outdoor stage, a group called Unity Rise, they were pretty great but the PA failed, and the upright bass had a broken D.I. box or something, so they just droped down to floor level and kept going

I'm pretty exhausted after all the concerts, and endless mosh pits.
i stayed with 3 people from Montreal, Jonathan, Jesse and Sunny.  Jonathan had reserved the suite, and one of his guests bailed out so I hopped in.  They speak French about half the time.
I'll get down to writing more details, but for now some of the highlights for me were:

The Cherrycokes, from Japan!
I was in the jacuzzi for most of their first performance, and I looked up to see my cabin mate jonathan crowd surfing in his flip flops.  This guy is like 6'2".
I saw them a second time, in one of the smaller venues, and they tore the roof off the place

Zander Schloss
He said he doesn't play hardcore anymore, its now HEARTcore
he plays quiet, introspective ballads,
a fary cry from when he played bass for the Circle Jerks,
I did see him play bass with the weirdos last year

Fat Mike wore a dress all day, even through the airport, I'm told.  They had to borrow the guitar player from another group, because their regular guitarist Melvin was having twins.
the guitar player had a rainbow flag draped over his amp
Mike is, of course, the singer, and featured in the film: The Other F Word, which is a doncumentary about punk parenthood, and Fatherhood
" The group has sold over 8 million records worldwide,[7]making them one of the most successful independent bands of all time. "
but they take a very casual attitutde, and make fun of everything
None of them said anything overtly political,

Punk Rock Karaoke with special guests Dave King and Fat Mike
at the end of punk rock karaoke poolside Sunday (Last night?), Dave and Mike came onstage,
some lucky shipmate was s inging "The Brews" and when he looked back, it was Mike on bass, and Dave King was singing along,
as soon as they finished, the rain started
and they had to pull the plug
the party went  indoors, and people were obviously not ready to be done
we danced til about 5:30 am, all the while knowing that we're supposed to be off the ship at 8:30 am

this morning, my cabinmates were still sleeping when I left
they're staying in South Beach, and drive back on Montreal tomorrow.

I'm on a shoestring budget for a while, but I will have some more adventures while I'm here in Miami,
chef boyardee spaghetti and meatballs are like, $1.25

I've used Lyft for getting around, other than that one long walk.
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In the first half of the 20th century, this was a hat synonymous with manly style. It was about looking cool without appearing juvenile.

In present times, the fedora is a trademark of the socially inept beta male. He is attempting to distance himself from pop culture with the distinct style of past fashion. But he captures none of the suave, and only comes off looking like an oblivious, pompous fool. This is especially the case when it's a low-quality fedora coupled with unfashionable clothes and an unkempt appearance.

Modern fedora-wearers are typically associated with the *chan internet culture and Asperger's Syndrome (aspie).
If you are not Humphrey Bogart, you should not wear a fedora.

yes, fedora shaming.  you saw it here.

notable exception, Stan Lee of the Dickies.  (one of my favorite guitarists ever.... so, isn't he disqualified ?)
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I had a couple friends over last night, to have an 'open practice' of the Irish tunes we will play at Pint Pot on the 17th.
We were playing some corny irish tunes and pogues covers, and Jenn showed up with a crazy old Radio Shack synthesizer: very analog. and funky sounding.  So Jimmy brought the synth in, and just sat in with our Irish tunes, and added alien robot sounds.

Tuesday I'll head up to Portland with Waffles, and I'll leave her with my Dad, then head off to my cruise:

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Chelsea came over Monday, we made a nice 'whole foods' meal

burger meat with mushrooms and garlic
forbidden rice

She walked waffles with me, then went home.

We didn't talk about talking swing dance classes, she was just nervous about paying her bills, and apparently had a lot of neck pain.

i have some more long shifts coming up and I hate leaving waffles here alone for too long.

Doug is out of town til tuesday night, its nice to have the place back to myself.  some people are just psychic vampires.
so I'm answering roomie ads from craigslist rando's which can be a crap shoot.  Meantime waffles is alone from 2-10:30 pm. shit.

I hope Trump goes to fucking jail or russia, or better yet, a jail in russia.

Davy  Jones Locker Combo plays Old Nick's SUnday with Symptoms, Pacifico, Jims.


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