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(or "I can't believe it's not Orgy Butter")

my sister works at CORNERSTONE THEATER in LA. Their building is on the same block as my Beloved Former AL'S BAR. (305 S. Hewitt) It used to be a pretty dicey proposition walking round in that neighborhood. Masa, the bassist from the ill-fated Baphomet Criers lived in an apartment above Al's and he was a great visual artist.
so, around that time, 98/99 that neighborhood had a little revival, galleries moved into the area, there were BBQ's, now there is an area of 4 or 5 blocks there, where the most notorious graffiti artists throw down. examples above.... and below.... JP recognized a tag by 7th Letter Crew, Ron English and Sabre.

s'posedly the JAWBREAKER tribute at Wandering Goat is still on, just delayed till November. don't have a date yet. Hopefully, this means that Tom can join me and Justin on our 3 cover toons....
Santina's birthday is Friday, and we'll be trucking up to Portland in Nuxie's Pilot with the shiny new tires she just got.
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Cthulu, thy name is Guillotine. "...and that was just a tiny fingernail!"
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nothing u can can say would spoil this moment
when words get in the way, they take away the momentum
in my memory the moon will keep on risin
leaving behind that emptiness on the horizon
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General Guinness! He's good as irish Stew.

the playing is not that stellar here, this is just a first attempt. I'm getting back the ambidexterity thing, but this particular harmonica line is a little tough for me still, even though the chords are dirt simple.

Our little kitty apears to have left us a baby snake carcass on the back porch as a trophy. (Jackie only leaves them on the front porch.) If shes trying to earn my respect, she's getting it. This is at least the second snake she's caught, the other one I was able to rescue before she tore it apart.

Went to THE VINTAGE ( with Miss Nuxie last night. had some SUPER bleu cheese fondue and drinks and dinner.

then, the Soothesayers played a short set at Tim's (second) birthday partay last night... our keyboard player, Jenn didn't make it in time for our set, as she was holding court at the roller derby afterbout party.

I need t'go back t'bed, folks...
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bopped around downtown with Nuxie & the kids and my sister today. went to see a female world music group called ADDAWE for free, thru Grand Performances
then went to WACKO superstore/ Soap Plant / La Luz de Jesus gallery whence we ran into our very old friend Jae Lee from RESIST AND EXIST / AUTONOMY / Beyond the Wall of Injustice fanzine. here's an AUTONOMY video from a gig me and Nuxie went to at Washington Community center in Buena Park in 1992 (warning: extreme political correctness? and VERY SPIKY HAIRDOS!)

came back to redondo beach and ate king crab legs, potstickers, edamame and fried rice.
bike riding this week? eh.
Mon - 30 miles all flat from Redondo to VEnice beach
Tues - 35 miles, KILLER HILLS! esp Silver Spur Rd from Palos Verdes Dr N to Hawthorne: OUCH!
Wed - 45 miles, from RB to 3rd St Promenade
tomorrow? our last day in CA...... but my keister is a little sore.

I'm Riding to End AIDS

From June 6-12, 2010, I'm bicycling in AIDS/LifeCycle. It's a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

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yesterday's coffee
won't warm me
won't wake me
won't even take me
thru Monday morning
There's a ship on the horizon
a train coming through
but it's not bringing me back to you

whoa, that sounds heavy. but its a sunny day out!
wash dog, mow the lawn, DRINK COFFEE. not in that order obviously...

and Will Ferrell can go fuck himself.
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why do insects think I'm delicious?
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I got 2 excellent CD's from Wally at they are cover/tribute cd's for the Television Personalities. I love TVP's. Of course Miss Nuxie discovered them, on a late night show on KCRW (santa Monica College radio) she made me driver her out to Bleeker Bob's on Melrose to buy the 12" version of 'Salvador Dali's Garden Party', next came a cassette of the LP "Privilege" followed by a long long string of vinyl seven inchers:
Split 7" with BMX Bandits on Clawfist, TVP covering BMX Bandits' YOUR CLASS
Arthur the Gardener
14th Floor
I know where Syd Barrett lives
I'm not like everybody Else
etc etc etc
TVP's have been very prolific, but also very under-rated and kind of 'secret'

dont tell anyone!

I have a wopping great post on TVPs last year when the documentary came out...
just go check out their myspace page or something...

ALSO, one of my longest running penpals, Mr. Ed, sent me a BUNCH of awesome cd's, the best are always compilations of his recent 'vinyl on 45 rpm' purchases

Soothesayers play 5/22 at Luckey's with The Underlings!

I've ridden my bike to work everyday this week, including Monday at 6 am. Theres been some rain, but it looks like we're gona get a very sunny weekend, I'm hoping to get out on the bike a little bit and start up training for ALC9 in June 2010:

I have another looongg day ahead of me tomorrow, I'm already well over my 5 hours minimum overtime at the salt mines.
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light my candle, cinnamon wonder
my patience has paid off
there is amazing agility
in your killer/goddess
with demonic knife/angelic kiss
drops of blood in the snow
soot on your pale hands
panning for gold
scratching your way to freedom
cat cornered and gasping for
Milky frost
on transparent darkness
Flakes fall on nakedness
white won't wait
can't hurt
Frozen blushing
trampled under waxy wings
& stepping on my tail

How does the green make you feel
is it like ideas you want to steal
can you plant a friendship
nurture gift giving, joke telling, life giving
A melting , warped beauty of Off-Key buzzing
that fades into slippery departing locomotive

Malicious Noodles
Ginger slide bowling for coffee coast
Starclock telling me backwards
The boutique gigs feeding me a wallet
Butt Not My Soul
Curved benches like teacups caressing the handle
My budget curves fretless
& spinning rototiller vibe
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Andromedolls Bikinis in Space 3-27-9 dscf7896
Originally uploaded by mickdansforth

Craig (drums), Samantha (vocals), Mertz (guitar)

Andromedolls Bikinis in Space 3-27-9 dscf7900
Originally uploaded by mickdansforth

Jenn (keys), The Secret Hippie! (bass, guitar not the fish), Craig (again)

The Soothesayers had a peachy old time at Luckey's Friday nicht. i rilly enjoyed Touch Force, a rock/punk trio consisting of 2/3 Hot For Chocolate members. The remind of Mr. T Experience, when they were rockin and fun. (JABBER JAW!!!!)
not pictured is when Mertz scaled the drum kit
Thx to Lucky James, purveyor of smut, via his URINAL GUM zine, he was the winner of the limbo contest and to Bree for ditching me.
Best wishes to Secret Hippie for his tour of Europe with DOA (as their star roadie)
Party at Tim's house!
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thx to [ profile] wortschmiedin for this! I do NOT easily get bored, tho. au contraire!

I'm (Fred Nefarious) in second life again. I tried to have a date with Miss Nuxie (Nuxie Roar) in SL the last few nights... If you're in SL, you're likely to find Fred Nefarious at the Blarney Stone or Fibber Magee's in Dublin!

regarding Double D: No! not Darkwing Duck! Don Drummond, 'the man with the big trombone'! One of the original SKATALITES, he played the Bass Trombone! all of the OG Skatalites are/were GIANTS in music, but DD was a giant even amongst them.

from the WIKI:
He became a household name in Jamaica, before suffering mental problems. He was rated by pianist George Shearing to be amongst the world's top five trombone players.

In 1965 he was convicted of the murder on January 1, 1965 of Anita "Margarita" Mahfood, an exotic dancer and singer. He was imprisoned at Belle Vue Asylum, Kingston where he remained until his death. The official cause of death was "suicide", but other theories remain; some of his colleagues believed it was a government plot against the Kingston musical scene, and some believed that he was killed by gangsters as revenge for the murder of Mahfood.


Feb. 28th, 2009 11:30 am
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Soothesayers play at another OUTLAW PARTY tonight at Bulb Ranch in unincorporated Glenwood Springs.
Tom from Puddletown Paddys lives right around the corner, so I hope he's able to make it. and if Jonny Cat aint camping, maybe he'll show up.
I hope it doesn't rain, cause its more or less outdoors. Possible under a tarp at best. We played there on Easter for the 'beer hunt' one time, and it was raining. The crowd threw joints at us! some of which were pink! How Easter-y!

I been writing some lately. behind the cut: something kinda sad and narrative of 'the rumor'


Feb. 1st, 2009 09:36 pm
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Mertz playing bass with Man Overboard 2/6/09 @ Campbell Club. the Man overboard msypace is so cluttered with stuff, it doesn't load properly. I've been bugging Aleka aboot it, but nothings changed yet.

Mertz's number one with a bullet band THE SOOTHESAYERS playing Sam Bond's 2/21. working on some soundtrack thingy for a tweenage coming of age video which might get to cable tv or a film festival, to wit: GIRL DISAPPEARS

I dunno, how much money should we ask for? Is the exposure going to be worth it? NIB, please Help me! you're my only hope!
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of course not, I'd have had to finish all of this ERRATIC if he was...

yes, Nuxie makes me play the 'CSI MIAMI Drinking Game' but NO, she doesn't play it herself.

mertz can haZ JD flexzeee?!!!!! you can buy it for me?

IMPORTANT! please read regarding the OUTLAWING of Nuxie's hats:

happy year of the ox, yall. panty crickets yall!
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Mento singer, way ahead of his time. major influence on many Afro-Cuban performers of his day, not the least of which include Harry Belafonte and Desi Arnaz. and check out the squares digging the vibe. I don't really 'get' the movie plot, but the banjo player does some Jimi Hendrix moves & Lord Flea does some old school breakin'. when the white lady sings, she kinda kills the mood... & yet she gets the big applause?

I've been looking for records of this cat for a few years... The Jolly Boys are great, but LORD FLEA has a more sensational energy

Soothesayers played two back to back shows, and our keyboard player was in two bands each night, she deserves a medal for that... Friday, we played a much better set I think. And at least me & Craig were a little burned out last night. gota pace myself better I guess.

BIG thanks to Dan Jones, Sassy O, Chris Ross and my talented patient bandmates: the Secret Hippie, Samantha, Dr. Ake, and Craig.

now I gota drive to Willamette Pass to pick up JP, Juan, Spencer and Dylan. then maybe I'll go with them to see AS I LAY DYING @ wow hall...


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