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I got calls today from both Royal Ave Project and Safe Haven to work relief shifts. Unf'ly I can't work either, as I have classes this aft, but its nice to know I'm high on the list. I still haven't done case management at Royal, and I'm anxious to get into more ACT sessions and find out about the 'wisdom journeys' (and perhaps take one or two for myself).

this video is of a song my family used to sing in the car on long trips, kind of a campfire/drinking song. The boy scouts have their version, which is called the Quartermaster's Store and obv'ly doesn't include the alcohol references. The singalong parts are meant to be shouted lustily, I'm sure I'll get to do a more rousing version again soon with some participants singing along but for now, this is it. cheers, thanks for watching, or, whatever. up yours.
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Last night Nuxie and I attended the Grand Opening of THE RABBIT HOLE )in Springfield, before going to Pat's for Kimmy's B-Day Partay. It was a costume Partay, and we didn't get the memo... snap. Soothesayers played a semi-short set without our keyboard player, Jenn. I used Pat's amp setup and got numerous compliments at first, that turned to 'Your amp sucks'. wah.

please mom don't read this, or Erik Estrada keeps IMing me )


Feb. 28th, 2009 11:30 am
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Soothesayers play at another OUTLAW PARTY tonight at Bulb Ranch in unincorporated Glenwood Springs.
Tom from Puddletown Paddys lives right around the corner, so I hope he's able to make it. and if Jonny Cat aint camping, maybe he'll show up.
I hope it doesn't rain, cause its more or less outdoors. Possible under a tarp at best. We played there on Easter for the 'beer hunt' one time, and it was raining. The crowd threw joints at us! some of which were pink! How Easter-y!

I been writing some lately. behind the cut: something kinda sad and narrative of 'the rumor'
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Only those with a very strong constitutions will care to hear about this amazing correspondence with Hairy Scary Nipples )

If you wana read they lryic to Jersey Shore ) they're here


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Name Acronym Generator

My blogging's been cut down quite a bit. 2 kids can be a handful.
Me and Nuxie watched "Run Fatboy Run" last night. Not the funniest thing I've seen recently, bu ta good story....

Getting real tired of hearing about Sarah Palin... MAVERICK MAVERICK MAVERICK (you betcha!)

Much Love & Respect to y'all and yall's y'alls.

Alpha Pig & Princess Pea
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I love this group. This isn't one of their most 'impressive' numbers, but still an awesome song.
Reminds me of Ennio Morricone, but it was written by Andy Williams (the 'taste of honey' guy)

Took a day to rest and get rid of the flu bug, I had San with me cause she had her 5 year check up and got 4 shots!

I didn't get much done, but I feel I'm not going to get sick. Just keep popping zinc and drinking 'airborn'

Unf, I'm probly going to miss Shotokan tonight.

At least I have some rum left to play the HORATIO game! rules follow (thanks to RAJI.COM)

1. Drink a sip every time someone calls him "H" not "Horatio"

2. Take one swig every time H places his arms akimbo (on his hips).

3. Take two swigs when Horatio takes his sunglasses off for dramatic effect.

4. Likewise, take two swigs when Horatio puts his sunglasses on for dramatic effect.

5. Take three gulps when H wears a dark blazer in the middle of an investigation. (Hello, pastels…this is hot and humid Miami…Crockett and Tubbs land, remember).

6. Drink for four counts when he addresses Jonathan Togo's character as “Mr. Wolfe.”

7. Drink for five counts when he’s talking and his head is tilted at a 45-degree angle. (Don’t forget to add another count if he has his arms akimbo at the same time.)

8. Drink for six counts when the camera films him entering the scene from a low angle for dramatic effect. Some games refer to this as the "Horatio-as-Christ" shot. (Is this because he’s short? IMDB lists him as 5’11.”)

9. Drink for seven if you ever see him smile. (This is extremely rare, but it does happen on occasion.)

10. Guzzle the entire can/bottle when an incredibly hot babe hits on Horatio. Cause, really, she must have the beer goggles on. Or we should put them on in order to buy it.

If you aren’t a fan of CSI: Miami, trust us, you will be after one round of Caruso playing. Oh yeah, and it really helps if you don’t have to be anywhere early on Tuesday morning. Bottoms up!


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