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JP has graduated. We were kind of biting our nails that he might need summer shcool for a while there. Anyhoo, Mertz Manor crammed to the gills with house guests. Epic dinner Friday was Roast leg of Lamb, salmon, stuft grape leaves (dolmas) roast potatoes, greek salad. Last night after the commencement ceremony, the fam went to PF Chang's, I know neither local nor terribly fresh but they have good gluten free options (JP has celiac's disease) and we were able to reserve a table for twelve at 9 pm on a Friday.

My allergies have been intense, everyone's have: neezing everywhere you go, people wearing dust masks... my eyes watering 24/7, waking up at night all stuffed up. Claritin, Zaditor, Nalacrom and albuterol and still I'm a snotty, drippy mess.

Davy Jones' Locker Combo covers the Pogues (old recording):

LOVE Beth Moore self portrait

I've been fooolwing posts from Team Portland on the ALC (AIDS/Lifecycle) ride. I'm going to sign up for the ride in 2014!
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also this: JP will be graduating this coming week. JP was good about going to Santina's ballet peformace yesterday with the family, inlcuding my (paternal) Dad, who drove down from Portland for the ballet... JP's pretty active on soundcloud, when he should be probably working on illustrating a book, 'Strong Jay'- but this is what he's been up to: ♠JUNES♠.

Nuxie's guppies had babies! We rounded up as many as we could and put in an isolation 'nursery' that separates the babies (fry) from adult fish, because the fry get eaten... by everybody. The frogs eat 'em, mommies and daddies eat 'em, even the neon tetras got a piece of the action, by eating the babies. On a less joyous note, while cleaning Nuxie's tank, I noticed tiny white worms (planaria) which are not harmful (but totally disgusting imho) so I vacuumed the substrate (gravel) and we did a 35% water change, the results have been good. Next thing is to stop feeding the fish (except the babies!) for a few days and be more careful about overfeeding... I tell ya, its the darn frogs! You want to make sure they're getting food after all, but I guess they can probably go a few days wihtout food, expecially after binging on babies!

Mertz Manor will be full to the brim with family visitors for the graduation next Saturday. Then, Soothesayers play at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, June 15th and Davy Jones Locker Combo plays an acoustic set June 29th at Cozmik Pizza.

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JP's biopsy came back negative for Celiac's Disease (of which allergy to gluten is a major component). But I haven't been able to reach the doctor to discuss what that might mean. Pretty frustrating, and definitely nerve-racking for him- I kind of regret saying anything at all, because now he in really up in the air, and basically shitting a brick that the doctor doesn't know what his real problem is, though that may or may not be the case.

I've started fundraising for ALC11 in a kind of half-assed way, just using their email to send out a solicitation letter. I'll be doing some snail mail postcards this weekend... and probably hitting the bricks to ask ask ask at bike shops and the like...

I VERY NEARLY got into a physical encounter with a shit head driver on my way back from LCC yesterday. One good consequence is that it inspired me to buy a new helmet for JP right away, and to at least consider replacing my 10 year old brain bucket also. The eastbound side of 30th is not very bad at all, but the westbound side is Gnar-nar McGNarson MADE ALL THE WORSE BY A YELLING DUDE IN A BIG RED PICKUP TRUCK. I keep telling myself that under normal circumstances, I would've just flipped him the bird and ignored it, but it had been a bit of a stressful Monday for me.... and I was riding my back up a steep hill with 30 lbs of books in my backpack.

now what gluten free thing can i get for this kid that doesn't require me washing dishes.....
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for at least 8 or 9 days

I'm riding from San Francisco to LA on my bicycle to raise money to fight AIDS.

AIDS/Lifecycle 9 is a 7 DAY, 545 mile bike ride, to raise donations and awareness. This is my 3rd time doing this ride. In 2008, I did the ride with my Stepdad, who was 62 at the time- so it CAN be done. its just a matter of training, the fundraising part is also kind of a Herculean task for some people... but I raised over $3500.

see you soon, with lots of pictures this time.



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Mertz is going down to SF Friday night w/ Dr. Ake and Chris Ross, in a big ol' truck to take some bikes down for AIDS/LifeCycle 9. What is it? Its a fundraiser, primarily. I've raised about $3500 to fight AIDS, and fund the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Centers AIDS/HIV treatment programs. Like yo:

This is my third time doing this ride, and its always an incredible experience. I am going to really really miss my family, and I'm very thankful that I'm able to do this. I hope you'll support me

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Monsanto Sucks )

Preparing for a 500 mile bike ride next week. Took the Nuxmobile in for service, packing all my sexy bike shorts, don't have a red dress yet....
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well, its official. me and my pop are signed up for 2008 AIDS/Lifecycle June 1-7 from SF to LA. 545 miles in 7 days. I'll be raising at least $2500, which will go the the LA Gay & Lesbian Center's AIDS treatment program- but AIDS does not discriminate by sexual orientation, it is an everybody disease.
one penny per mile would only put you out $5.45 I don't have my sponsor number yet, but I will post it here and probly bug you about it.

Hate Bush and Cheney? Me too! Kucinich is the only Dem who believes in impeachment and JAIL TIME for these bastards. He's the only Dem who wants to dismantle the 'for profit' healthcare system and he has good ideas on the environment and energy.


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