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big surprise, our new golfer-in-chief has EMBOLDENED all kinds of white supremecists and hate mongers.

Exxxx, the owner of one of my favorite bars, Oxx Nxxx'x, has stuck to her guns and kept up all the ANTIFA stickers on the exterior of the building, and she's been drawn into online flame wars and zero star rating wars with racists and white nationalists, in this the mighty white state of Oregon.

Oregon has a long illustrious history of racism
.  black exclusion and 'sundown laws' (some of which were ont he books until the 1980's, if I'm not mistaken) and the Eugene/Springfield lacks the kind of diversity I grew up with in Southern California.

Facebook has blown up with right wing nationalist groups, as well as their detractors and anti fascist groups, some of which are just as angry and/or violent.  So there's all this anger out there, most of it very misplaced, either by ignorance or by intolerance, on both sides.

No, this is not the "front" of this battle, as far as our nation is concerned, but the desire to punch nazis and voice opposition to hate is strong.  But like it or not, we ('white' residents) have all somehow profited, to whatever degree, by the lack of racial diversity, sure we have poverty nearby, but our state welfare systems are not taxed beyond their limiits, as in states where instituional racism was more focused against minorities.

Oregon is now known as a liberal, blue state, we have some really great representatives like Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkekley,  and Pete DeFazio.  But somehow, we have to own up to the ways in which we've benefitted by exclusion and institutional racism.

and punch nazis.  actually, elbow them in the nose.

The univeristy of Oregon has recently re-named some of its buildings, ( the re-naming was completed in September 2016) as they had been named after U of O alumni who were Klansmen (Frederic Dunn, and Matthew Deady)

someday, .........we'll look back and laugh?

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I'm sitting in an airbnb house in Miami.  its set up like a dorm room, with 8 bunkbeds in 2 of the rooms, with a shared bathroom, kitchen and dining room

I got into Miami late Wednesday night, and got to the airbnb at about 1:30

Thursday, I walked around the neighbohood a bit, then walked about 7 miles to the "Land Party"
which featured The Attack, No Name Ska Band, Askultura and others, including a folk punk group that played at a second, smaller outdoor stage, a group called Unity Rise, they were pretty great but the PA failed, and the upright bass had a broken D.I. box or something, so they just droped down to floor level and kept going

I'm pretty exhausted after all the concerts, and endless mosh pits.
i stayed with 3 people from Montreal, Jonathan, Jesse and Sunny.  Jonathan had reserved the suite, and one of his guests bailed out so I hopped in.  They speak French about half the time.
I'll get down to writing more details, but for now some of the highlights for me were:

The Cherrycokes, from Japan!
I was in the jacuzzi for most of their first performance, and I looked up to see my cabin mate jonathan crowd surfing in his flip flops.  This guy is like 6'2".
I saw them a second time, in one of the smaller venues, and they tore the roof off the place

Zander Schloss
He said he doesn't play hardcore anymore, its now HEARTcore
he plays quiet, introspective ballads,
a fary cry from when he played bass for the Circle Jerks,
I did see him play bass with the weirdos last year

Fat Mike wore a dress all day, even through the airport, I'm told.  They had to borrow the guitar player from another group, because their regular guitarist Melvin was having twins.
the guitar player had a rainbow flag draped over his amp
Mike is, of course, the singer, and featured in the film: The Other F Word, which is a doncumentary about punk parenthood, and Fatherhood
" The group has sold over 8 million records worldwide,[7]making them one of the most successful independent bands of all time. "
but they take a very casual attitutde, and make fun of everything
None of them said anything overtly political,

Punk Rock Karaoke with special guests Dave King and Fat Mike
at the end of punk rock karaoke poolside Sunday (Last night?), Dave and Mike came onstage,
some lucky shipmate was s inging "The Brews" and when he looked back, it was Mike on bass, and Dave King was singing along,
as soon as they finished, the rain started
and they had to pull the plug
the party went  indoors, and people were obviously not ready to be done
we danced til about 5:30 am, all the while knowing that we're supposed to be off the ship at 8:30 am

this morning, my cabinmates were still sleeping when I left
they're staying in South Beach, and drive back on Montreal tomorrow.

I'm on a shoestring budget for a while, but I will have some more adventures while I'm here in Miami,
chef boyardee spaghetti and meatballs are like, $1.25

I've used Lyft for getting around, other than that one long walk.
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In the first half of the 20th century, this was a hat synonymous with manly style. It was about looking cool without appearing juvenile.

In present times, the fedora is a trademark of the socially inept beta male. He is attempting to distance himself from pop culture with the distinct style of past fashion. But he captures none of the suave, and only comes off looking like an oblivious, pompous fool. This is especially the case when it's a low-quality fedora coupled with unfashionable clothes and an unkempt appearance.

Modern fedora-wearers are typically associated with the *chan internet culture and Asperger's Syndrome (aspie).
If you are not Humphrey Bogart, you should not wear a fedora.

yes, fedora shaming.  you saw it here.

notable exception, Stan Lee of the Dickies.  (one of my favorite guitarists ever.... so, isn't he disqualified ?)
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I had a couple friends over last night, to have an 'open practice' of the Irish tunes we will play at Pint Pot on the 17th.
We were playing some corny irish tunes and pogues covers, and Jenn showed up with a crazy old Radio Shack synthesizer: very analog. and funky sounding.  So Jimmy brought the synth in, and just sat in with our Irish tunes, and added alien robot sounds.

Tuesday I'll head up to Portland with Waffles, and I'll leave her with my Dad, then head off to my cruise:

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so, there was an unusual bit of drama on my part, that somehow I'd missed getting off work that night in time for the show, so I thought I wouldn't get off work til 10:30 pm, and usually thats not such a big deal, but it did turn out to be a huge deal for this one night. How so? well the inimitable Bruce hartnell of the Detonators has tendonitis, he's an older guy these days, so The Detonators, who were not originally on the bill, were set to play second, after the Soothesayers, for only 20 minutes. Bruce had also arranged to supply the backline (amplifiers) and had spent a small fortune recently upgrading/maintaining his gear. So the soothesayers could not go on 2nd... then their drummer , Sean Shock had a hissy fit about playing after the soothesayers anyway... then the whole show would have to be pushed back one hour, and the headliners DOA would have to shorten their set.
my band hated me, drama drama drama. why did I fuck up? I thought I had arranged to get the night off by working a partial shift, but somehow I didn't remember.
I told everyone to chill, something would work out. Tim arranged for his instrumental surf band THE MISSING LINKS to play the early set, and it was looking like the Soothesayers would not get play at all.
well, that was the situation on Friday as I went into work, cursing the day of my birth and thinking I'd fucked up royally. I had fucked up royally.
then at 6:30 pm, the nocturnal shift lead called in, he had just woken up, sick as a dog, if he couldn't work, maybe I could pull a double shift, get off at 3 am , and then leave early the next shift, have plenty of time for making it to the show. Supervisor on call said, call up relief staff, see if they can work. well, I didn't have to call at all really, but I offered that I would work. I called anyway, and it worked out for me, no one else was available.
so it worked out. then the Detonators had to cancel, Sean Shock sick puking, can't stand up. Bruce didn't bring the backline, I had to use Joey Shithead's amp head and a speaker from Dave of MDC. Soothesayers fairly tore the roof off of Luckey's and the place reached capacity three times during the evening. My friend Megan from work brought her usually upright Common-law Husband, he actually had a good time.
during our cover of Homicide by 999, Bruce picked me up and tried to put me on his shoulders during the guitar solo. he wound up dropping me on my head. no worry, I was feeling no pain. MDC rocked, DOA put on an amazing show. I slept at the drummer's house from 5 am til 7, then crawled home in the blinding sunlight. cheers.
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This Saturday at Oak Street Speakeasy, Double Deuce opens for The Sawyer Family. This will be my final show with the Double Deuce!


I made a really good meatloaf last night. The market didn't have any ground pork in the meat section ("How are things in the meat department, Brian?") so I used ground turkey, which is the opposite of pork, but it still turned out great. gravy failed, though.
The Soothesayers have a great show coming up 3/16 with the Pierced Arrows at Luckey's. I'll be doing another show with Dwight Dickinson.... in my role as lap steel magnate Ricky Bidness.

riky bidness

Last.Fm stopped working on my powerbook (OS 10.5.8), required me to download a program, then wouldn't run anyway, requires OS 10.6. SO I said goodbye to Goodbye Tumblr, Goodbye Last.Fm, Goodbye Double Deuce. Springtime for Hitler, I guess huh?
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Getting back into kickboxing regimen , not doing much music lately- the Davey Jones Locker Combo's drummer appears to be burning out, I have a hard time reaching him by phone lately, and then he cancels practices. we are supposed to do a show Sunday night at the old Shoji's on Willamette. If we play it will be at about 11 ....

there were a couple shows I wanted to go to last night, but after two giant beers and tons of cheese and salami, I wound up snoozing on the couch as Santina watched an awful animated movie called 'FLY ME TO THE MOON' about some house flys that ride in the apollo moon lander... yeah.

I ordered a mic pre-amp that I've needed forever... should be churning out some sweet demos soon

then without further ado (Can't believe I haven't posted this here already...) DJLC, Dracula's Daughter!
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Los Mex Pistols del Norte!

hell yeah.


there are many types of bitches, to wit:

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Chicken cutlets with sundried tomato sauce, farfalle pasta and ciabatta with olive oil and anchovies.

yeah, there's not real veggies on the menu tonight.

liquid gratification: NINKASI Total Domination IPA
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Andromedolls Bikinis in Space 3-27-9 dscf7896
Originally uploaded by mickdansforth

Craig (drums), Samantha (vocals), Mertz (guitar)

Andromedolls Bikinis in Space 3-27-9 dscf7900
Originally uploaded by mickdansforth

Jenn (keys), The Secret Hippie! (bass, guitar not the fish), Craig (again)

The Soothesayers had a peachy old time at Luckey's Friday nicht. i rilly enjoyed Touch Force, a rock/punk trio consisting of 2/3 Hot For Chocolate members. The remind of Mr. T Experience, when they were rockin and fun. (JABBER JAW!!!!)
not pictured is when Mertz scaled the drum kit
Thx to Lucky James, purveyor of smut, via his URINAL GUM zine, he was the winner of the limbo contest and to Bree for ditching me.
Best wishes to Secret Hippie for his tour of Europe with DOA (as their star roadie)
Party at Tim's house!
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thx to [ profile] wortschmiedin for this! I do NOT easily get bored, tho. au contraire!

I'm (Fred Nefarious) in second life again. I tried to have a date with Miss Nuxie (Nuxie Roar) in SL the last few nights... If you're in SL, you're likely to find Fred Nefarious at the Blarney Stone or Fibber Magee's in Dublin!

regarding Double D: No! not Darkwing Duck! Don Drummond, 'the man with the big trombone'! One of the original SKATALITES, he played the Bass Trombone! all of the OG Skatalites are/were GIANTS in music, but DD was a giant even amongst them.

from the WIKI:
He became a household name in Jamaica, before suffering mental problems. He was rated by pianist George Shearing to be amongst the world's top five trombone players.

In 1965 he was convicted of the murder on January 1, 1965 of Anita "Margarita" Mahfood, an exotic dancer and singer. He was imprisoned at Belle Vue Asylum, Kingston where he remained until his death. The official cause of death was "suicide", but other theories remain; some of his colleagues believed it was a government plot against the Kingston musical scene, and some believed that he was killed by gangsters as revenge for the murder of Mahfood.


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