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so, there was an unusual bit of drama on my part, that somehow I'd missed getting off work that night in time for the show, so I thought I wouldn't get off work til 10:30 pm, and usually thats not such a big deal, but it did turn out to be a huge deal for this one night. How so? well the inimitable Bruce hartnell of the Detonators has tendonitis, he's an older guy these days, so The Detonators, who were not originally on the bill, were set to play second, after the Soothesayers, for only 20 minutes. Bruce had also arranged to supply the backline (amplifiers) and had spent a small fortune recently upgrading/maintaining his gear. So the soothesayers could not go on 2nd... then their drummer , Sean Shock had a hissy fit about playing after the soothesayers anyway... then the whole show would have to be pushed back one hour, and the headliners DOA would have to shorten their set.
my band hated me, drama drama drama. why did I fuck up? I thought I had arranged to get the night off by working a partial shift, but somehow I didn't remember.
I told everyone to chill, something would work out. Tim arranged for his instrumental surf band THE MISSING LINKS to play the early set, and it was looking like the Soothesayers would not get play at all.
well, that was the situation on Friday as I went into work, cursing the day of my birth and thinking I'd fucked up royally. I had fucked up royally.
then at 6:30 pm, the nocturnal shift lead called in, he had just woken up, sick as a dog, if he couldn't work, maybe I could pull a double shift, get off at 3 am , and then leave early the next shift, have plenty of time for making it to the show. Supervisor on call said, call up relief staff, see if they can work. well, I didn't have to call at all really, but I offered that I would work. I called anyway, and it worked out for me, no one else was available.
so it worked out. then the Detonators had to cancel, Sean Shock sick puking, can't stand up. Bruce didn't bring the backline, I had to use Joey Shithead's amp head and a speaker from Dave of MDC. Soothesayers fairly tore the roof off of Luckey's and the place reached capacity three times during the evening. My friend Megan from work brought her usually upright Common-law Husband, he actually had a good time.
during our cover of Homicide by 999, Bruce picked me up and tried to put me on his shoulders during the guitar solo. he wound up dropping me on my head. no worry, I was feeling no pain. MDC rocked, DOA put on an amazing show. I slept at the drummer's house from 5 am til 7, then crawled home in the blinding sunlight. cheers.
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so I'm gona miss my brother's birthday shindig in Berkeley. I'm trying to negotiate time off for the day off, August 3rd, Whiteaker block party. If I get the day off, It'll be a double header Soothesayers and Davy Jones Locker Trio amongst the entertainment at the 'anti-Ninkasi' block party stage, Whiteaker People's Party at Tiny Tavern.

My baritone guitar will get here tomorrow. Its the 59 re-issue, not the "Dead on 67".

I've been enjoying the book about VOCODERS: "How to wreck a Nice Beach" (

and trying to wrap up my 5 year long love/hate affair with Thomas Pynchon's MASON & DIXON

this post brought to you by NUXIEMADE handcrafted yarn stuffs.
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its pretty brief, but makes a lot of sense in a 'back to the future' kind of way.

Father's Day tomorrow, I will work 8 am to noon. Yes, that is after a gig in Portland tonight.


witness Dave's boy Joey crawling around on the couch during practice...
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also this: JP will be graduating this coming week. JP was good about going to Santina's ballet peformace yesterday with the family, inlcuding my (paternal) Dad, who drove down from Portland for the ballet... JP's pretty active on soundcloud, when he should be probably working on illustrating a book, 'Strong Jay'- but this is what he's been up to: ♠JUNES♠.

Nuxie's guppies had babies! We rounded up as many as we could and put in an isolation 'nursery' that separates the babies (fry) from adult fish, because the fry get eaten... by everybody. The frogs eat 'em, mommies and daddies eat 'em, even the neon tetras got a piece of the action, by eating the babies. On a less joyous note, while cleaning Nuxie's tank, I noticed tiny white worms (planaria) which are not harmful (but totally disgusting imho) so I vacuumed the substrate (gravel) and we did a 35% water change, the results have been good. Next thing is to stop feeding the fish (except the babies!) for a few days and be more careful about overfeeding... I tell ya, its the darn frogs! You want to make sure they're getting food after all, but I guess they can probably go a few days wihtout food, expecially after binging on babies!

Mertz Manor will be full to the brim with family visitors for the graduation next Saturday. Then, Soothesayers play at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, June 15th and Davy Jones Locker Combo plays an acoustic set June 29th at Cozmik Pizza.

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My DJLC Sunday gig at Black Forest aint hap'nin. Dwight Dickinson is doing 2 dates at Tiny Tavern... wtf wtf wtf? I think I'm only going to play the Friday one, with Cuntagious & Security in Numbers. I will be reprising my role as Ricky Bidness, Dwight's steel guitar and harmonica man.



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