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You know what,never mind about my music crap, check out this awesome illustration my son did for a book called STRONG JAY
ok, music crap:
This week The Soothesayers did two shows with OG punk rock group CH3, from southern california
the first was THURSDAY in Medford, at Johnny B's!  and I got white girl wasted before the show, so some of it is a blur, and I played like crap.  but that doesn't happen often, and as Kim from CH3 said, its only Medford!
Then FRIDAY after passing meds at work, I went to BLACK FOREST and played 2 sets of banjo, the first with BRAIN AKE & the Family Mullet, the second with LE PETIT MORTE.
Then, SATURDAY Soothesayers opened for CH3 again at Luckey's, again after a ten hour shift and the med pass.
Sunday, I helped Satya move into the purple house on Polk, and Waffles got to play with Peca (that's satya's dog, you perv!) followed by GAMESHOW with Scot at Blairalley Barcade, and I won a PLANK TOWN shirt, which I'm wearing now.
Soothesayers will play a ginormous house party on Halloween, and Davy Jones' Locker Combo makes a triumphant return with Satya on bass at Megan's Halloween bash Saturday night!
I love you guys, and hope to hear more from you, RSVP for any of these parties and/or comment for my FB & Tumblr.
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Soothesayers at Sam Bond's: Samantha & Jenn as Cholas. Mertz as a low rider, Secret Hippie as "M.C. THC", and Craig as a grad student/drummer. Nice Costume, Craig.....

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• Actress Yvonne De Carlo, played Lily Munster, dead
• De Carlo also noted for "Ten Commandments"
• Actress often appeared in "sex-and-sand" B-movies, Westerns
• De Carlo had major role in Sondheim's "Follies"

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Yvonne De Carlo, the beautiful star who played Moses' wife in "The Ten Commandments" but achieved her greatest popularity on TV's "The Munsters," has died. She was 84.

De Carlo died of natural causes Monday at the Motion Picture & Television facility in suburban Los Angeles, longtime friend and television producer Kevin Burns said Wednesday.

De Carlo, whose shapely figure helped launch her career in B-movie desert adventures and Westerns, rose to more important roles in the 1950s. Later, she had a key role in a landmark Broadway musical, Stephen Sondheim's "Follies."

But for TV viewers, she will always be known as Lily Munster in the 1964-1966 slapstick horror-movie spoof "The Munsters." The series (the name allegedly derived from "fun-monsters") offered a gallery of Universal Pictures grotesques, including Dracula and Frankenstein's monster, in a cobwebbed gothic setting.

Lily presided over the faux scary household and was a rock for her gentle but often bumbling husband, Herman, played by 6-foot-5-inch character actor Fred Gwynne (decked out as the Frankenstein monster).

While it lasted only two years, the series had a long life in syndication and resulted in two feature movies, "Munster Go Home!" (1966) and "The Munsters' Revenge" (1981, for TV).

At the series' end, De Carlo commented: "It meant security. It gave me a new, young audience I wouldn't have had otherwise. It made me 'hot' again, which I wasn't for a while."

I never had a crush on Lillian Munster, like I did Morticia Adams:

"Last night you were, unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me.... Do it again!" Morticia Adams, from the 1960s show, The Addams Family.

Carolyn Jones, the actress who played Morticia on the TV show, died from cancer in 1983. She was married to Aaron Spelling for 13 years, til 1964.!!!!!
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found out about this on
Christian Freaks rate movies based on 6 'violations' ( which together form the anagram WISDOM )
so I picked a fairly inoccuous one THE SHAGGY DOG - 2006 remake

Wanton Violence/Crime (W)
# adolescent breaking and entering to thieve
# slapstick violence, repeatedly
# traffic violence
# other breaking and entering
# threat to kill
# kidnapping

Impudence/Hate (I)
# dog urination
# adolescent disrespect toward father, repeatedly
# coaching to lie
# lies, repeatedly
# toilet humor, repeatedly such as a man hiking his leg to urinate as does a dog
# adolescent planning of defiance of parental conditions

Sexual Immorality (S)
# talk of naked/nude
# dog nuzzling a man's crotch from the rear, repeatedly
# nudity hidden from the viewer, repeatedly
# dog's tail tickling a man's nude crotch under a smock
# a man's nudity, hidden from the viewer, in his daughter's view

Drugs/Alcohol (D):
# drinking
# drugging of a man to silence (murder) him

Offense to God (O)
# two uses of God's name in vain without the four letter expletive
# Buddhism
# portrayal of Zen meditation

Murder/Suicide (M)
# none noted

interesting to me was that the 1959 G rated version had MORE offenses than the 2006 PG version ... WTF???

THE LION KING was marked as RED (strongest caution ) worst offense was in the 'S' category with only one example:

# Sexual Immorality (S)
# Homosexual suggestion by "Want me to dress in drag?"

GOD DAMN IT, saying or thinking Buddhism is an offense to Jehovah? Jesus fucking Christ, he has a stick up his ass!


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