May. 16th, 2017

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hey everybody

I'm playing guitar with The Indiscretions tonight at Old Nick's. We go on last, hopefully the crowd will be favorably sauced by the time we play, and I will endeavor to not get sloshed before showtime, ugh, which will probably be 11:30, maybe 12:00.

we had a practice last night, and I think I played some of the best I've ever with these songs, and with this lineup.

we've been adding microphones, now everyone does the backup vocals, and when it works its really good.

LA City Council Passes Resolution To Back Trump Impeachment Investigation !

We still do a fair amount of cover material, but we're working on shedding some of that, and we've done 2 recordings of the same material, once with my macbook, and Jimmy (drummer) then later recorded us with a'stand-alone' 16 track recorder.

I'm still figuring out the Dreamwidth interface, so forgive the lack of fireworks in recent  (and upcoming?) posts.

The Big O is happening this weekend, quite possibly the largest roller derby tournament on earth!  I got free tickets for all three days, but i'll probably only be able to go today and sunday.


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