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Birthdate:Jan 9
Location:Eugene, Oregon, United States of America
Website:Fred X Mertz
Despite the high cost of living, it's still popular.

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50's doo wop, 60's ska, 80's hardcore, 90's emo, abandoned buildings, acceptance and commitment therapy, alternate guitar tunings, amelie, amy sedaris, aquariums, bad brains, banjo, baritone guitar, basset hounds, beagles, bernie sanders, bicycling, biology, black lips, bobbers, bondage, burroughs, cafe racer bikes, chai tea, chomsky, clive barker, contextual behavioral science, cryptozoology, culture, cycling, delicatessen, discordia, drop d, duane eddy, econochrist, fartbarf, fishbone, flogging molly, fnords, ghost towns, gogol bordello, guitar, harmonica, healing, human services, hunter s thompson, imminentizing the eschaton, johnny cash, joseph spence, kafka, karate, kerouac, link wray, mental health, moist, motorcycles, nabokov, nature, ointment, original bunny gang, outsider art, palahniuk, peni, psychology, psycopharmacology, recovery, reggae, relational frame theory, roadbikes, rocksteady, russ harris, sarah silverman, science, scramblers, sedaris, shotokan, ska, skateboarding, slack key guitar, songwriting, spanking, spelunking, steven c hayes, sweaty tent sex, tai chi, tal ben shahar, the pogues, thrice, tim robbins, tina fey, tokyo ska, tom robbins, tom waits, tour de france, trailer park boys, unbreakable, vegan hate posse, vice news, violent femmes, vonnegut, wavves, what is a juggle
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