Apr. 21st, 2015 09:44 pm
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now that I'm feeling more charitable towards Santina, in regards to how she treats animals, her cat peed on my bed.  again.
this doesn't appear to be a health-related issue, like a U.T.I. of anything, as the cat has been extra flighty.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

weird because I had a fare yesterday in my cab: a guy bringing his cat to the vet for a U.T.I.  The cat was in a carrier, and mewling loudly most of the ride.
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Joe joined us onstage to sing "Nervous B reakdown" with Samantha.

DJLC played a last minute gig (early) Thursday at the Boreal.  It wasn't our best moment, necessarily, but it WAS fun.  We were the first band to play on the Boreal's brand new sound system, so there was a good deal of hum, feedback, mic testing, etc etc.  The Double Deuce (my former Band Mates) Also played , and the show was headlined by a Jesse Ray Carter

I didn't stick around to hear Double Deuce or Jesse Ray Carter, but I bought a shirt, I had a last minute practice with the Soothesayers at 8:15 to get ready for the DOA Show at Old Nick's.

Friday 4/17: Pirate Radio opened, the Soothesayers played second, and DOA headlined.
Old Nick's was pretty generous in offer DOA to play a show at the (All Ages/No Alcohol) gig place one block over (The Boreal) on their brand new sound system I mentioned. So DOA was playing a double header.  The show was pretty great.
BUT:  Pirate Radio's bass player talked a bunch of crap , and they've been banned from Old Nick's because of that....

good news:  Santina appears to be taking pretty good care of Apple.  Their Green Hill club meeting was cancelled Friday, because they didn't have a chaperone.  That gave me a chance to hang out a bit more with San.  She's got dance performances all this week, and I'll try to make it to most of them: then she has a choir solo Friday, if she can miss one of the ballet performances to attend the school choir concert.

I'll be playing these upcoming shows (this week) all of them appear to be in the Whit.....

Friday, April 24th


at Old Nik'sc.

Saturday, April 25th

DAVY JONES' LOCKER COMBO w/ Everyday Automoton

at The Boreal.  All Ages.  Donation.

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I got calls today from both Royal Ave Project and Safe Haven to work relief shifts. Unf'ly I can't work either, as I have classes this aft, but its nice to know I'm high on the list. I still haven't done case management at Royal, and I'm anxious to get into more ACT sessions and find out about the 'wisdom journeys' (and perhaps take one or two for myself).

this video is of a song my family used to sing in the car on long trips, kind of a campfire/drinking song. The boy scouts have their version, which is called the Quartermaster's Store and obv'ly doesn't include the alcohol references. The singalong parts are meant to be shouted lustily, I'm sure I'll get to do a more rousing version again soon with some participants singing along but for now, this is it. cheers, thanks for watching, or, whatever. up yours.

bon voyage

Jun. 2nd, 2011 04:15 pm
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Davy Jones Locker Combo @ Black Forest tonight. Kinda unexpected, we're filling in for one of the other groups. I know its us first, Bad Luck Blackouts probably 2nd. we'll go on @ 9 pm, its free.

DJLC played at Delphina Clothing Store on Last Friday artwalk,. .... well, last friday. then we played Angelo's in Portland Saturday with the mighty strange Dwight Dickinson.

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Dude, LIVEJOURNAL is loading more and more slowly on my macbook, anyone else having troubles?

Davy Jones Jocker Combo appears 4/20 at Kowloon's THE CITY Lounge, 2222 Martin Luther King Jr Bl
Eugene, OR 97401-2475. Kowloon's restaurant has been locally owned and operated since 1987, and our bass player, Creeper Collin works there as delivery guy. Girls, that is your in- order some Chinese Food, tip well (he may accept herbal offerings) with PIRATE RADIO and TBA. Don't know what/if cover charge, stay tuned for furthur on the enterprise. We'll also be playing 4/29 at the newly remodeled ASTORIA POKER LOUNGE, and that WILL be a FREE show.

The Soothesayers are finally back! we'll be playing 5/6 at th Grand Re-opening of Dawn Baby Salon on Willamette, I guarantee a good time will be had by all, and now there is a little more elbow room, to stash the keg, and um, do some kegstands! Dawn Baby Salon's last Soothesayers party became fodder for a new(ish) song titled BRING THE PAGNE! written by yours truly, Fred X Mertz, you can hear a rough mix of it on our Reverbnation page.

a roota manta golly, knocka shemba wemba doo.

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light my candle, cinnamon wonder
my patience has paid off
there is amazing agility
in your killer/goddess
with demonic knife/angelic kiss
drops of blood in the snow
soot on your pale hands
panning for gold
scratching your way to freedom
cat cornered and gasping for
Milky frost
on transparent darkness
Flakes fall on nakedness
white won't wait
can't hurt
Frozen blushing
trampled under waxy wings
& stepping on my tail

How does the green make you feel
is it like ideas you want to steal
can you plant a friendship
nurture gift giving, joke telling, life giving
A melting , warped beauty of Off-Key buzzing
that fades into slippery departing locomotive

Malicious Noodles
Ginger slide bowling for coffee coast
Starclock telling me backwards
The boutique gigs feeding me a wallet
Butt Not My Soul
Curved benches like teacups caressing the handle
My budget curves fretless
& spinning rototiller vibe
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HOTBOX plays next wednesday at sam bonds garage,
QUICK DITCH plays 4/27 at Sam;s Place.

(edit: FyeahMyspace!)


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