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its absolutely pissing down with rain, as it has for at least the past 2 weeks . We've had a few brief breaks for 'partial sunshine', but otherwise brutal winds, torrential rains, flooding and the overall general mayhem that accompanies these storm systems that pile up on each other...
Of course, I'm out there driving in it. I've been "full-time" at Oregon Taxi since February of 2015, where my 'meat and potatoes' is the ride source account: mostly driving older folks to medical appointments. The owner of the cab I'm driving has been really great to me, and offered plenty of 'overtime' in the form of extra hours in the taxi, beyond what I'm paying on the lease. The trick is that I get complacent about the early morning hours, I'm able to come in later than I 'need to', and run the cab later, with the potential to make more. The hitch is that there is no guarantee of actually making more, and I find that the early morning clinic runs are about the only consistent hours with heavy activity. So if I sleep in till 7 am, I'm (potentially) missing out on some of these high dollar runs to the outskirts of civilization around here. There is not any guarantee, however, that if I DO get in bright and early, I will make money, the distribution of work is so random and haphazard. The cab company has figured out my old tricks and implemented a more randomized distribution of these better paying runs. So there is no merit award based on performance, and being better or more patient in the job only pays off in the health and wellness category, based on lower stress level for the driver (me). So I have this nagging feeling that I'm a slacker, and that even one small traffic collision could wreak havoc.
yet I persist.
music-wise I'm keeping busy with four projects:
The Soothesayers
Davy Jones' Locker Combo
Pirate Radio
La Petit Mort
with my calendar of events at:
my daughter and I are flying down to L.A. to see my mom and step dad, but I don't have plans for actual Christmas Day, and I had actually hoped to be in the cab (it might be snowing that day) but I think the regular Friday guy is keeping his day shift...
meanwhile, its just me and my animals around here.
Soothesayers played at Naughty Dottie's Dirty Flirty Thirty party Saturday.
I took Tim Kinney up to Portland Sunday to see X and Mike Watt, but haven't been out since then.
I'm not currently dating anyone, but I'm available! I discontinued my OKCupid, because it was OKStupid. The only ladies I took an interest in were people I've already known, and I feel like a creepy stalker with the 'wink and kink' interface of reading internet profiles and looking at candid photos.
Hope this finds you all well, and I wish you a Happy and Festive Solstice celebration, whatever that may mean to you!

Wed 23
First Annual Krampus Holiday Special!!!
The Googins (Local punk Eugene)
Lucia (Metal)
The Soothesayers (Eugene Female fronted Garage Punk)
Astern (Metal)
Come celebrate The Holidays at Old nicks
First Annual Krampus Holiday Special!!!

Naughty or Nice show up and rock out to this awesome Lineup :
You never know you might get a visit from Father Christmas, but knowing you.... Krampus might be waiting on the shadows......... Gruss von Krampus! $3
9:00 | $3-5 sliding scale
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Davy Jones' Locker Combo played 2 shows this week: Old Nick's and Boreal, big surprise!
Wednesday was Kim's show at Old Nick's, featuring two train hopper bands, and the DJLC. Le Petit Mort was supposed to play, but Whisky Scotty had a surgery,

(edit 6/22/17: some pictures were missing, that was a weird show, I feel like we played great, but the other groups were last minute, and sounded grating. RIP Boreal.)

then Friday, (last night) at Boreal with Googins and and Not a Part of It.

Tonight, Me and Santina are cuddling with Jackie and Waffles, and binge watching Netflix.
Thanksgiving was some work, but amazing in several ways; having my kids see my (long-divorced) parents get along so well
Apparently, I'm rainbow dash.

lots of upcoming shows: I'm playing bass with Pirate Radio, opening for TSOL on Jan 13th.

Soothesayers are opening for the Supersuckers in February, and playing Dot's birthday party 12/9 and a Krampus show at Old Nick's 12/23.
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had a crap day with the taxi cabbing, but I managed to bill over $300 of RideSource rides from only 2 (short) days last week, after returning from my California trip.

Pirate Radio has a show Sunday, ... I think its for Emily's Birthday, we were going to rehearse at Roadrunner Studios, and I still owe them $100 balance for expensive recording with Davy Jonesers back in August. I wasn't really happy with the recording, nor with the method they used, which assures that they take a long-ass time, and charge by the hour, and get high with my bandmates. but still $100 is $100, and I agreed to pay it, I'm just not in a big hurry to pay it. But Pirate Radio booked rehearsal time there, and Tony used that as a bargain chip to force me to pay up, which is actually fine, I just won't record there again, but the Pirate Radio guys got pissed that Tony was using this as a way to exact payment. So, I said we can just practice at my place, which is great for me, as its free! I will still pay Tony, don't worry.
He charges WAY too much for rehearsal time as well.
but if anything, this has inspired me to get some music happening within the actual confines of Mertz Manor. bring it on.

I managed to get up to Portland to spend some time with both my kids on Sunday, and that was totally awesome. Santina and I went to the Portland Aquarium, then had Sushi with James.
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Tenmile Mountain Bash Campout/Concert nhappened over last weekend.  Jason Kelly was put in charge of procuring musical talent, and he did a great job, though I might be biased because JK loves him some Mertz.  Friday was mostly jam bands of the Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd variety: these are the tenmile mountain regulars, and though its not my 'cup of tea' by any means, the musicians are local and friendly.  The party was started by Sam's friend, Searose, and used to take place at tenmile creek rd in Yachats, Oregon.  The party has been moved in recent years to a bigger spot, with more camping spaces, more music, bigger stage, etc.
Saturday, my group DAVY JONES LOCKER COMBO played in the afternoon.  We got a great response, but most of the crowd were still not ready or receptive to any band that played for less than 2 hours!  I like to leave 'em wanting more, and we hadn't had a whole lot of practice, but the crowd forced us to play pretty much every song we know, and then improvise a bit.  So I'm not crazy about the whole hippie vibe, but its hard to argue when people are being so friendly, and get SO into the music.  The older guys in the crowd seemed to appreciate our act, and praised us for not playing 20 minute songs in a 3 hour set.  Other Saturday bands included: The Googins, Beast of Eden, Everyday Automaton, The Soothesayers (featuring your truly), and a surprising late night acoustic set by LE PETIT MORT (also featuring your humble narrator, I'm kind of a whore huh?)  I think this was the highest attendance (see?) there has been at Tenmile yet, even without the 'big name' acts of years prior.
My Mom is visiting, at the same time that my daughter is in town for her Eugene Ballet Academy summer intensive.  So, its great having everybody around after a VERY quiet two months at Mertz Manor, but I'm having to sleep on the couch.
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Davy Jones' Locker Combo will record this weekend at Roadrunner Studios.  its OCF weekend ( so Samantha will be there running a booth for Broomchick (
I don't know if Tim will be doing security for OCF this year, as he will be balls deep in the operations of Old Nick's
speaking of which, 80's punk darlings of Orange County, Adolescents will be playing there soon:

I think I will be going with Le Petit Morte, to Seadog Nights:  ( to perform Somali-style ShantyCore.

I had a mellow 4th of July with my daughter and my dad and my dog.  Came back to work Monday, and kicked a fair amount of ass, as I had many cash fares today with some huge tips.
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Old Nick's has been open since the big D.R.I. show on April 9th.  My bandmate, Tim; my ex-neighbor, Emily; and Jevon were the original partners.  Since that time, another close friend of mine has jumped in as the fourth partner.
But I don't get out of the house much on weeknights, as I'm full-time Daddy 5 nights per week.

I have played a number of shows at Old Nick's already: I'm losing count by this time...  The Soothesayers played with D.O.A., as you may have seen in previous posts.  Davy Jones' Locker Combo has played there a couple of times, twice in one weekend.  I've played banjo there with Le Petit Morte and Brain-Ake & The Family Mullet.

I've completed the sale/buyout of M's ownership of Mertz Manor, and should be able to get started on fixing/upgrading, etc pretty soon.

After the Pierced Arrows show Saturday, me and the kids will go down to SF to attend cousin E's wedding.  I'll get back Tuesday night, and work thru the rest of the week.  I've been putting in 13 and 14 hour days, driving for Oregon Taxi. but I haven't been getting shifts at Sheltercare.

DJLC will be recording with Sean Shanahan on June 12th.


Apr. 21st, 2015 09:44 pm
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now that I'm feeling more charitable towards Santina, in regards to how she treats animals, her cat peed on my bed.  again.
this doesn't appear to be a health-related issue, like a U.T.I. of anything, as the cat has been extra flighty.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

weird because I had a fare yesterday in my cab: a guy bringing his cat to the vet for a U.T.I.  The cat was in a carrier, and mewling loudly most of the ride.
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Joe joined us onstage to sing "Nervous B reakdown" with Samantha.

DJLC played a last minute gig (early) Thursday at the Boreal.  It wasn't our best moment, necessarily, but it WAS fun.  We were the first band to play on the Boreal's brand new sound system, so there was a good deal of hum, feedback, mic testing, etc etc.  The Double Deuce (my former Band Mates) Also played , and the show was headlined by a Jesse Ray Carter

I didn't stick around to hear Double Deuce or Jesse Ray Carter, but I bought a shirt, I had a last minute practice with the Soothesayers at 8:15 to get ready for the DOA Show at Old Nick's.

Friday 4/17: Pirate Radio opened, the Soothesayers played second, and DOA headlined.
Old Nick's was pretty generous in offer DOA to play a show at the (All Ages/No Alcohol) gig place one block over (The Boreal) on their brand new sound system I mentioned. So DOA was playing a double header.  The show was pretty great.
BUT:  Pirate Radio's bass player talked a bunch of crap , and they've been banned from Old Nick's because of that....

good news:  Santina appears to be taking pretty good care of Apple.  Their Green Hill club meeting was cancelled Friday, because they didn't have a chaperone.  That gave me a chance to hang out a bit more with San.  She's got dance performances all this week, and I'll try to make it to most of them: then she has a choir solo Friday, if she can miss one of the ballet performances to attend the school choir concert.

I'll be playing these upcoming shows (this week) all of them appear to be in the Whit.....

Friday, April 24th


at Old Nik'sc.

Saturday, April 25th

DAVY JONES' LOCKER COMBO w/ Everyday Automoton

at The Boreal.  All Ages.  Donation.

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