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the 'show' for tonight is actually only $12, not $32. the $32 includes most of the 'hot glass' areas where artisans will be competing and creating original glassworks.
There will be DJ's between bands, and I'm told the Soothesayers' performance will be followed by the showing of a new film about glassworks. ? I guess they'll need something to calm them down.
Had a great hike with Nuxie and Waffles at Mt. Pisgah yesterday. JP is off on a camping trip to Fall Creek, returning tomorrow.
I've got to work on our bathroom, garage and yard to prepare for all our visitors next week. I've got finals Tuesday, but they should be pretty easy for me. Biology class last night was mostly identifying skulls of woodland mammals, by measuring size and counting teeth: bear, marten, skunk, coyote, shrew, etc.
Came home and finished the new Arrested Development season with Nux, then watched Trailer Park Boys.

time for me to get my coffee...

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JP's biopsy came back negative for Celiac's Disease (of which allergy to gluten is a major component). But I haven't been able to reach the doctor to discuss what that might mean. Pretty frustrating, and definitely nerve-racking for him- I kind of regret saying anything at all, because now he in really up in the air, and basically shitting a brick that the doctor doesn't know what his real problem is, though that may or may not be the case.

I've started fundraising for ALC11 in a kind of half-assed way, just using their email to send out a solicitation letter. I'll be doing some snail mail postcards this weekend... and probably hitting the bricks to ask ask ask at bike shops and the like...

I VERY NEARLY got into a physical encounter with a shit head driver on my way back from LCC yesterday. One good consequence is that it inspired me to buy a new helmet for JP right away, and to at least consider replacing my 10 year old brain bucket also. The eastbound side of 30th is not very bad at all, but the westbound side is Gnar-nar McGNarson MADE ALL THE WORSE BY A YELLING DUDE IN A BIG RED PICKUP TRUCK. I keep telling myself that under normal circumstances, I would've just flipped him the bird and ignored it, but it had been a bit of a stressful Monday for me.... and I was riding my back up a steep hill with 30 lbs of books in my backpack.

now what gluten free thing can i get for this kid that doesn't require me washing dishes.....
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I got 2 excellent CD's from Wally at they are cover/tribute cd's for the Television Personalities. I love TVP's. Of course Miss Nuxie discovered them, on a late night show on KCRW (santa Monica College radio) she made me driver her out to Bleeker Bob's on Melrose to buy the 12" version of 'Salvador Dali's Garden Party', next came a cassette of the LP "Privilege" followed by a long long string of vinyl seven inchers:
Split 7" with BMX Bandits on Clawfist, TVP covering BMX Bandits' YOUR CLASS
Arthur the Gardener
14th Floor
I know where Syd Barrett lives
I'm not like everybody Else
etc etc etc
TVP's have been very prolific, but also very under-rated and kind of 'secret'

dont tell anyone!

I have a wopping great post on TVPs last year when the documentary came out...
just go check out their myspace page or something...

ALSO, one of my longest running penpals, Mr. Ed, sent me a BUNCH of awesome cd's, the best are always compilations of his recent 'vinyl on 45 rpm' purchases

Soothesayers play 5/22 at Luckey's with The Underlings!

I've ridden my bike to work everyday this week, including Monday at 6 am. Theres been some rain, but it looks like we're gona get a very sunny weekend, I'm hoping to get out on the bike a little bit and start up training for ALC9 in June 2010:

I have another looongg day ahead of me tomorrow, I'm already well over my 5 hours minimum overtime at the salt mines.
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cyclist who pedalled world killed by hit-and-run driver )

had much fun at Dawn Baby's hair salon last night and put on a decent show with the SOOTHESAYERS and got to watch the amazingly fun LONDON FLUSH, who mostly do covers of THE YARDBIRDS.

blog hog?

Dec. 31st, 2007 08:48 am
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I had a dream that chachi on acid moved to Eugene to live. They tricked me into being their roadie. But of course I loved it.

before that,Saturday night after many cocktails and beers and playing with the kids and reading them stories, and watching SIX FEET UNDER and sleeping on the floor, I dreamed that I found a big wad of cash

Soothesayers are NOT playing at Black Forest on New years eve, but we ARE playing Sam Bonds Garage, this Friday, Jan 4th. I think its with the Ovulators....

This is the Soothesayers

OMGOMGOMG I turn 38 this month.....

My hair is really fuckin LLOOOOOONNGG

naughty Miss Nuxie has sold about many of her handcrafted hats and scarves in the last week of December. Yes, that cute model is my daughter! what a sweetie, huh?

Nux also takes custom orders, and can do almost anything you can think of with yarn. (wink, wink!)

Its frosty out, but clear crisp and sunny.

Mertz and Flarbie are signing up for California AIDS/Lifecycle. Riding 545 from SF to LA the first week in June. We did this ride together in 1999 and raised over $6000 between the two of us, but I haven't been on a bike in quite a while. Watch this space for info on how you can sponsor me! I need to raise at least $2500, but of course I will surpass that amount, as its a good cause.

More info on Lifecycle here


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