Dec. 18th, 2016

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Friday ( 12/16/16 ) worked at ____________ again, they called me to try to get me in earlier, but by then, 2:30 was the earliest I could do, and actually I went over 40 hours for the week! They hate that! but WTF, they need coverage over the holidays

I had a double practice last night (Saturday 12/17) , first at THE SPACE with the Indiscretions! Jimmy's house still had no electricity! Dave drove all the way in from Dexter! I had to jury rig a P.A., as the old Peavey board appears to be under the weather, ...

The Indiscretions are fun and exciting, and I love writing music and words for Samantha to sing! So after practice, I followed Dave, Jen and Sam to LZ's Chinese Dish, and ate some great chinese food, beef, lamb, and sweet & sour pork.

I gave Samantha a pair of LP (Latin Percussion) maracas for xmas gift!

Then picked up Hustle and Sanchez, went to DJLC practice again at THE SPACE, sang vocals through Eli's guitar amp again.... Scot gave us each a GIANT bag of 'holiday mix', chex mix stuff, which I'm currently scarfing. So that'll be the last time DJLC gets together in 2016! Le Petit Mort played an AMAZING fun show at the Campbell Club last week, and a cute! young lady asked ME if Le Petit Mort could

Its been icy as hell out there. I haven't had to drive in it too much, but its very slick and dangerous.


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