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Dec. 31st, 2007 08:48 am
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I had a dream that chachi on acid moved to Eugene to live. They tricked me into being their roadie. But of course I loved it.

before that,Saturday night after many cocktails and beers and playing with the kids and reading them stories, and watching SIX FEET UNDER and sleeping on the floor, I dreamed that I found a big wad of cash

Soothesayers are NOT playing at Black Forest on New years eve, but we ARE playing Sam Bonds Garage, this Friday, Jan 4th. I think its with the Ovulators....

This is the Soothesayers

OMGOMGOMG I turn 38 this month.....

My hair is really fuckin LLOOOOOONNGG

naughty Miss Nuxie has sold about many of her handcrafted hats and scarves in the last week of December. Yes, that cute model is my daughter! what a sweetie, huh?

Nux also takes custom orders, and can do almost anything you can think of with yarn. (wink, wink!)

Its frosty out, but clear crisp and sunny.

Mertz and Flarbie are signing up for California AIDS/Lifecycle. Riding 545 from SF to LA the first week in June. We did this ride together in 1999 and raised over $6000 between the two of us, but I haven't been on a bike in quite a while. Watch this space for info on how you can sponsor me! I need to raise at least $2500, but of course I will surpass that amount, as its a good cause.

More info on Lifecycle here


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