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Tenmile Mountain Bash Campout/Concert nhappened over last weekend.  Jason Kelly was put in charge of procuring musical talent, and he did a great job, though I might be biased because JK loves him some Mertz.  Friday was mostly jam bands of the Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd variety: these are the tenmile mountain regulars, and though its not my 'cup of tea' by any means, the musicians are local and friendly.  The party was started by Sam's friend, Searose, and used to take place at tenmile creek rd in Yachats, Oregon.  The party has been moved in recent years to a bigger spot, with more camping spaces, more music, bigger stage, etc.
Saturday, my group DAVY JONES LOCKER COMBO played in the afternoon.  We got a great response, but most of the crowd were still not ready or receptive to any band that played for less than 2 hours!  I like to leave 'em wanting more, and we hadn't had a whole lot of practice, but the crowd forced us to play pretty much every song we know, and then improvise a bit.  So I'm not crazy about the whole hippie vibe, but its hard to argue when people are being so friendly, and get SO into the music.  The older guys in the crowd seemed to appreciate our act, and praised us for not playing 20 minute songs in a 3 hour set.  Other Saturday bands included: The Googins, Beast of Eden, Everyday Automaton, The Soothesayers (featuring your truly), and a surprising late night acoustic set by LE PETIT MORT (also featuring your humble narrator, I'm kind of a whore huh?)  I think this was the highest attendance (see?) there has been at Tenmile yet, even without the 'big name' acts of years prior.
My Mom is visiting, at the same time that my daughter is in town for her Eugene Ballet Academy summer intensive.  So, its great having everybody around after a VERY quiet two months at Mertz Manor, but I'm having to sleep on the couch.
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The Davy Jonesers had decided on a moratorium from playing live shows until we practiced up about a month's worth. Then Maggie Mayhem invited us to play a barn party with Brain Ache & the Family Mullet, Bomb Pots, and Cuntagious. we couldn't pass it up, what can I say. its September 7th and I guess its 'invitation only' (?) as they don't want too many humans. consider this your invitation. I don't have the address yet but its on Coburg, north of Eugene.
of course I don't get off work til 10:30, so we'll play at 10:45, maybe?

I didn't get my root canal yesterday, but they treated my infected tooth and I'll go back in 2 weeks.

James leaves for PNCA today! Ana will drive my truck, which I've named Tricia Toyota (the second)

Soothesayers might have a show October 3rd with Psyrup and Full Lush.
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So I'm running the music group at the residential treatment facility, but last night's attendance was meager. so the trick is to wrap up some therapeutic ideas in the middle and pull some rabbit out of a hat, like bringing extra instruments or some other stimulus to drum up more interest among residents.

I also got a bit of a talking to, in regards to my dark humor and off-color jokes with staff. I think the offensive word that made some of my co-workers cringe was the title of the DEAD MILKMEN song that Dave posted on my FB profile.

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Greetings Dear Readers,

I did a frightening open mic with Charlie Hustle last night, we did three of his songs (one of which was obviously inspired by his recent breakup with Caitlin, entitled Pink Crutch) but its good practice in engaging an especially judgmental audience. My pulled pork turned out OK, too much garlic in the egg salad.

I have my 'med passer' test today, which will be followed by a training with a nurse from admin, named Jill, whose company I enjoy, so thats good.

went to the dentist, I have an infected tooth and need a root canal.

no gigs setup for anytime soon, going to practice lots of new stuff before next outing.


Nuxiemade is having a sale! Yes, Nuxie is my wife. She makes great hats, skirts and whatnot mostly for young girls, but they are all made by hand with care and conscience. She has her own site ( and also sells on etsy.

If you want to please me, don't make my tea, SERVE UP THE MAIN COURSE! )

Weekday Afternoons with the Vicar )
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I felt I had a productive day at work yesterday. i was off at 10:30, and went for a night hike with my band-mates of Davy Jones Locker Combo, Mr. Jonny Birchwood and Charlie Hustle, as well as Charlie's buddy Adam. We brought waffles the wonder-pooch, and hiked to the top of Skinner's butte, arriving at the summit at 1 am. The moon was waxing gibbous, and bright. No jackets were required, there was only a light breeze.
Much trash was talked throughout the hike and the height of stupidity was the creation of
the tale of RattleRoid )
I'm very glad that Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite boys will be playing at the Eugene Celebration ( on Sunday, so I will be able to attend, IF we aren't headed up to Portland that day to move James into his dorm. yes, James is going to PNCA ( art school in Portland!

Friday Night CURRENT EVENTS at the Residential Treatment Facility )

Davy Jones' Locker Combo will play October 6th at Red Room in Portland.
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THE DOMINATOR shipwreck. video collage by Rich Polysorbate.

there's nothing left to see there today, but when I was younger, the wreck was still visible and still drawing people to explore what was there

"stirring a whole toiletful of diamonds"


Aug. 4th, 2013 10:17 am
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whit blok 2013 3

Thankfully, there was very little smack-talk about "Local Brewing Company", but Tim's "Gentrify this!" t shirts were EVERYWHERE.
more pics coming soon, Soothesayers and maybe Dwight Dickinson. A good time was had.
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Locker Combo at 2 pm, Soothesayers at 8 pm. Other favorites will be Missing Links, Pirate Radio and Wetsock.
You may also find Ricky Bidness playing steel guitar with Dwight Dickinson at the Lazarus Pit.
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Can't believe the fucking coffee maker died...

Whiteaker People's Party is Saturday. I got the day off from work and I'll be appearing with Dwight D @ Lazarus Pit at 1 pm, Davy Jonesers at Tiny's @ 2, and the Soothesayers @ 8 pm. The Whiteaker PP is a response to the Whiteaker Block Party, (Whiteaker BLock Party is now in its 7th year!) Tim (of Soothe sayers) and Jevon organized the "People's Party" last year (2012) outside of the Block Party area, as a kind of act of defiance to the gentrification and monopolization of the Whiteaker neighborhood by Ninkasi brewing, this year the poeples party will be sponsured by Pabst Blue Ribbon, and that fact will be more of a 'two finger' salute to Ninkasi.
Originally, DavY jones' Locker Combo was going to play at the Jesco Club (AA) where Dave was caretaker at the time, THAT was to be the big F.U. to Ninkasi, because it was to be a sober party! but the little area we were to play was too small, and as soon as word got out that there was a 'non-Ninkasi' stage, it started to snowball a bit.
obv'ly not everyone is down with all the trash talking inevitably happens, about 'corporate beer' and the buying up of the neighborhood, whether its true or not, trash talking doesn't really achieve anything. & Where Tim is usually extra careful of what he does day, others close to him pick up the torch and mouth off about it. The politics of this situation makes for yucky band practices, can't we all just get along?

I've inherited the 'games group' at work, and will be running it for the first time tonight, still haven't decided what I want to play with residents. I'm very lucky to work with such great people, the staff at garden is pretty cool.
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Davy Jones Locker Combo has 2 final shows: August 2nd at Tiny Tevern, and August 3rd at 2 pm @ the Whiteaker People's Party also (sigh) at Tiny Tavern. I mostly don't have a lot of time to setup any shows between family, home, work and school. We may stick around in some format under a different name, at least me and Motor City Scott. The Soothesayers are playing the Whiteaker PP at 8 pm.
DJLC 8/2 at Tiny's with BrainAke & PetitMort
DJLC 8/3 Tiny's parking lot 2 pm
Soothesayers 8/3 Tiny's 8 pm.
Anyhoo, today marks the official start of my new hours at work.

I got my baritone guitar, but it needs a setup (intonation & truss rod adjustment) otherwise it sounds great,

RUSSIAN ska? )
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bopped around downtown with Nuxie & the kids and my sister today. went to see a female world music group called ADDAWE for free, thru Grand Performances
then went to WACKO superstore/ Soap Plant / La Luz de Jesus gallery whence we ran into our very old friend Jae Lee from RESIST AND EXIST / AUTONOMY / Beyond the Wall of Injustice fanzine. here's an AUTONOMY video from a gig me and Nuxie went to at Washington Community center in Buena Park in 1992 (warning: extreme political correctness? and VERY SPIKY HAIRDOS!)

came back to redondo beach and ate king crab legs, potstickers, edamame and fried rice.
bike riding this week? eh.
Mon - 30 miles all flat from Redondo to VEnice beach
Tues - 35 miles, KILLER HILLS! esp Silver Spur Rd from Palos Verdes Dr N to Hawthorne: OUCH!
Wed - 45 miles, from RB to 3rd St Promenade
tomorrow? our last day in CA...... but my keister is a little sore.

I'm Riding to End AIDS

From June 6-12, 2010, I'm bicycling in AIDS/LifeCycle. It's a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.


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