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The Davy Jonesers had decided on a moratorium from playing live shows until we practiced up about a month's worth. Then Maggie Mayhem invited us to play a barn party with Brain Ache & the Family Mullet, Bomb Pots, and Cuntagious. we couldn't pass it up, what can I say. its September 7th and I guess its 'invitation only' (?) as they don't want too many humans. consider this your invitation. I don't have the address yet but its on Coburg, north of Eugene.
of course I don't get off work til 10:30, so we'll play at 10:45, maybe?

I didn't get my root canal yesterday, but they treated my infected tooth and I'll go back in 2 weeks.

James leaves for PNCA today! Ana will drive my truck, which I've named Tricia Toyota (the second)

Soothesayers might have a show October 3rd with Psyrup and Full Lush.
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Cthulu, thy name is Guillotine. "...and that was just a tiny fingernail!"
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nothing u can can say would spoil this moment
when words get in the way, they take away the momentum
in my memory the moon will keep on risin
leaving behind that emptiness on the horizon
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General Guinness! He's good as irish Stew.

the playing is not that stellar here, this is just a first attempt. I'm getting back the ambidexterity thing, but this particular harmonica line is a little tough for me still, even though the chords are dirt simple.

Our little kitty apears to have left us a baby snake carcass on the back porch as a trophy. (Jackie only leaves them on the front porch.) If shes trying to earn my respect, she's getting it. This is at least the second snake she's caught, the other one I was able to rescue before she tore it apart.

Went to THE VINTAGE ( with Miss Nuxie last night. had some SUPER bleu cheese fondue and drinks and dinner.

then, the Soothesayers played a short set at Tim's (second) birthday partay last night... our keyboard player, Jenn didn't make it in time for our set, as she was holding court at the roller derby afterbout party.

I need t'go back t'bed, folks...
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Just before the first bite, preceding the flight
before you open the throttle all the way
when you hurry up to get there
as you take a breath of fresh air
diving from the highest place you find
there’s a moment when you know its coming just around the corner
your brain races ahead of your feet
that taste is so sweet

before it even touches your tongue
before the first song is sung
before you make the jump
the bells of st. poove’s are ringing out for you
things would be different if I ran the zoo
another rolled shoulder clod roast stew
under the sun there is nothing new
throw up a screen the going gets tough
you’ll soon find thats not enough
get ready to be squished like a bug
watch out now hear it comes ...
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cyclist who pedalled world killed by hit-and-run driver )

had much fun at Dawn Baby's hair salon last night and put on a decent show with the SOOTHESAYERS and got to watch the amazingly fun LONDON FLUSH, who mostly do covers of THE YARDBIRDS.


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