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Post Salty Dog

I'm sitting in an airbnb house in Miami.  its set up like a dorm room, with 8 bunkbeds in 2 of the rooms, with a shared bathroom, kitchen and dining room

I got into Miami late Wednesday night, and got to the airbnb at about 1:30

Thursday, I walked around the neighbohood a bit, then walked about 7 miles to the "Land Party"
which featured The Attack, No Name Ska Band, Askultura and others, including a folk punk group that played at a second, smaller outdoor stage, a group called Unity Rise, they were pretty great but the PA failed, and the upright bass had a broken D.I. box or something, so they just droped down to floor level and kept going

I'm pretty exhausted after all the concerts, and endless mosh pits.
i stayed with 3 people from Montreal, Jonathan, Jesse and Sunny.  Jonathan had reserved the suite, and one of his guests bailed out so I hopped in.  They speak French about half the time.
I'll get down to writing more details, but for now some of the highlights for me were:

The Cherrycokes, from Japan!
I was in the jacuzzi for most of their first performance, and I looked up to see my cabin mate jonathan crowd surfing in his flip flops.  This guy is like 6'2".
I saw them a second time, in one of the smaller venues, and they tore the roof off the place

Zander Schloss
He said he doesn't play hardcore anymore, its now HEARTcore
he plays quiet, introspective ballads,
a fary cry from when he played bass for the Circle Jerks,
I did see him play bass with the weirdos last year

Fat Mike wore a dress all day, even through the airport, I'm told.  They had to borrow the guitar player from another group, because their regular guitarist Melvin was having twins.
the guitar player had a rainbow flag draped over his amp
Mike is, of course, the singer, and featured in the film: The Other F Word, which is a doncumentary about punk parenthood, and Fatherhood
" The group has sold over 8 million records worldwide,[7]making them one of the most successful independent bands of all time. "
but they take a very casual attitutde, and make fun of everything
None of them said anything overtly political,

Punk Rock Karaoke with special guests Dave King and Fat Mike
at the end of punk rock karaoke poolside Sunday (Last night?), Dave and Mike came onstage,
some lucky shipmate was s inging "The Brews" and when he looked back, it was Mike on bass, and Dave King was singing along,
as soon as they finished, the rain started
and they had to pull the plug
the party went  indoors, and people were obviously not ready to be done
we danced til about 5:30 am, all the while knowing that we're supposed to be off the ship at 8:30 am

this morning, my cabinmates were still sleeping when I left
they're staying in South Beach, and drive back on Montreal tomorrow.

I'm on a shoestring budget for a while, but I will have some more adventures while I'm here in Miami,
chef boyardee spaghetti and meatballs are like, $1.25

I've used Lyft for getting around, other than that one long walk.

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