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i'll pay you off in poems
in songs and dreams and wild ideas
the exchange rate might not be so good now
so be prepared for installments
maybe just once a week, I can fill up your ears
stimulate that damn cranial switchboard
and wire you hundreds of half-baked pearls
wisdom and shame, fortune and scandal, history, mystery and wide-eyed tomfoolery
from the midway to the guarded palace gates
you can cash these in any language, any country, any port
they can get you out of a jam, they don't take up any space
from your lips to god's ears, interest free.

(4 Miss Nuxie)

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Frontside aerial

theres a pirate utopia in my head
where people appreciate the difference
unocal aids in burma due to the heroin trade
wheres the connection?

theres a bulletproof diva under my feet
where people appreciate the difference
the fifth column ferrets out dirty accounts causing retirements of congressmen
wheres the connection?

theres a chain of cigars in the penthouse apartments,
a stinky liqiud that filters down
it leaks out of the bottom of the trash in the alley
with the most disgusting stench you can imagine

she’s still spitting teeth from the fall down...
she’s still running ads for the calm down...
she’s still steaming with her fun in the phone book...
reaching for another type of work...
we all suffer from burnout,
none of us has any energy...

Angry? "Yes."
Effective? "Sometimes."
Speaking to the disenfranchised youth? "Not really."

We just ask for the money up front.
Pay up sucker


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