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thank full for the breeze, the air was too thick
your cologne is gona make me sick
everyeone's sulking, nursing wounds,
I can see blue skies
between the bars, covering my eyes
I can smell freedom, somewhere nearby
but in here, the meat is thin and tough
lift waits all day, to prove you aint a cream puff
oh, the bugs are hungry, your bed is hard and flat
they got you turned around, you dont know where youre at
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So I'm running the music group at the residential treatment facility, but last night's attendance was meager. so the trick is to wrap up some therapeutic ideas in the middle and pull some rabbit out of a hat, like bringing extra instruments or some other stimulus to drum up more interest among residents.

I also got a bit of a talking to, in regards to my dark humor and off-color jokes with staff. I think the offensive word that made some of my co-workers cringe was the title of the DEAD MILKMEN song that Dave posted on my FB profile.

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ancient xfr from cassette tape: headphones recommended, expecially at the end of this

fuck no i dont have a pinterest


nuke mutey steroid bee hyperbole FRIDAY EDITION )
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I got calls today from both Royal Ave Project and Safe Haven to work relief shifts. Unf'ly I can't work either, as I have classes this aft, but its nice to know I'm high on the list. I still haven't done case management at Royal, and I'm anxious to get into more ACT sessions and find out about the 'wisdom journeys' (and perhaps take one or two for myself).

this video is of a song my family used to sing in the car on long trips, kind of a campfire/drinking song. The boy scouts have their version, which is called the Quartermaster's Store and obv'ly doesn't include the alcohol references. The singalong parts are meant to be shouted lustily, I'm sure I'll get to do a more rousing version again soon with some participants singing along but for now, this is it. cheers, thanks for watching, or, whatever. up yours.
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This Saturday at Oak Street Speakeasy, Double Deuce opens for The Sawyer Family. This will be my final show with the Double Deuce!


I made a really good meatloaf last night. The market didn't have any ground pork in the meat section ("How are things in the meat department, Brian?") so I used ground turkey, which is the opposite of pork, but it still turned out great. gravy failed, though.
The Soothesayers have a great show coming up 3/16 with the Pierced Arrows at Luckey's. I'll be doing another show with Dwight Dickinson.... in my role as lap steel magnate Ricky Bidness.

riky bidness

Last.Fm stopped working on my powerbook (OS 10.5.8), required me to download a program, then wouldn't run anyway, requires OS 10.6. SO I said goodbye to Goodbye Tumblr, Goodbye Last.Fm, Goodbye Double Deuce. Springtime for Hitler, I guess huh?

New Music

Jan. 31st, 2011 10:31 pm
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5 new songs for the newly christened 'Davey Jones Locker Combo'

WALKING INTO BATTLE WITH THE LORD (One of Chumbawamba's many war protest songs, this one masquerades as a gospel tune. I've punked it up considerably.)

CADAVER DOLLY (An original Mertz psychobilly tune)

CAT O 9 TALES (a re-work of a pirate tune and an Irish protest song, done to the tune of 'Courtin in the Kitchen')

CROW JANE STOMP (Cover of Nick Cave, re-worked into Western Swing style. A song about rape/revenge. Similar in plot to 'I Spit On Your Grave')

JOLLY NED TEACH OF BRISTOL (re: Blackbeard. May have been written by Ben Franklin)

We record on Wednesday, but probly none of these songs will be included on that recording.

Colin's radio show "CREEPER MADNESS" is on KWVA tomorrow night 10-12 and Sean Shanahan will be leading the Bluegrass Jam down at Sam Bond's Garage. I will be sitting in as 2nd engineer for another episode of "The Female Voice" Podcast from 5-6:30
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what a dipshit. so typical of a politician... NO SPINE!

I switched to Dem party to vote in the primary. I will promptly switch back after November.

The Good News? I've made the minimum pledge for the AIDS ride!

with barely a month to go, the snow is behind me and only grass pollen ahead!

Brian's Goal: $3,500.00

Current Total: $3,100.90!!!!

Me JP and Pop are signed up for Sand Diego Comic Con international, 2008!

the Mertzes are going to Hawaii in August!

My weekend started about 30 minutes ago, so I'm kind of giddy, this week has been a living hell in some ways, but maybe I'm on better footing with my manager now. I'm off to Papa's soul food with Miss Nuxie and the Mertzlings.... then to Pete's brithday party at the Secret Hippie's place.

Love and Respect to everyone!
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I dont know if I like the new LJ, but at least I know not to talk about work on here....

I lost over 2 years' worth of LJ and all of my friends list- I hope I can find some of you again....




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