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You know what,never mind about my music crap, check out this awesome illustration my son did for a book called STRONG JAY
ok, music crap:
This week The Soothesayers did two shows with OG punk rock group CH3, from southern california
the first was THURSDAY in Medford, at Johnny B's!  and I got white girl wasted before the show, so some of it is a blur, and I played like crap.  but that doesn't happen often, and as Kim from CH3 said, its only Medford!
Then FRIDAY after passing meds at work, I went to BLACK FOREST and played 2 sets of banjo, the first with BRAIN AKE & the Family Mullet, the second with LE PETIT MORTE.
Then, SATURDAY Soothesayers opened for CH3 again at Luckey's, again after a ten hour shift and the med pass.
Sunday, I helped Satya move into the purple house on Polk, and Waffles got to play with Peca (that's satya's dog, you perv!) followed by GAMESHOW with Scot at Blairalley Barcade, and I won a PLANK TOWN shirt, which I'm wearing now.
Soothesayers will play a ginormous house party on Halloween, and Davy Jones' Locker Combo makes a triumphant return with Satya on bass at Megan's Halloween bash Saturday night!
I love you guys, and hope to hear more from you, RSVP for any of these parties and/or comment for my FB & Tumblr.
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so, there was an unusual bit of drama on my part, that somehow I'd missed getting off work that night in time for the show, so I thought I wouldn't get off work til 10:30 pm, and usually thats not such a big deal, but it did turn out to be a huge deal for this one night. How so? well the inimitable Bruce hartnell of the Detonators has tendonitis, he's an older guy these days, so The Detonators, who were not originally on the bill, were set to play second, after the Soothesayers, for only 20 minutes. Bruce had also arranged to supply the backline (amplifiers) and had spent a small fortune recently upgrading/maintaining his gear. So the soothesayers could not go on 2nd... then their drummer , Sean Shock had a hissy fit about playing after the soothesayers anyway... then the whole show would have to be pushed back one hour, and the headliners DOA would have to shorten their set.
my band hated me, drama drama drama. why did I fuck up? I thought I had arranged to get the night off by working a partial shift, but somehow I didn't remember.
I told everyone to chill, something would work out. Tim arranged for his instrumental surf band THE MISSING LINKS to play the early set, and it was looking like the Soothesayers would not get play at all.
well, that was the situation on Friday as I went into work, cursing the day of my birth and thinking I'd fucked up royally. I had fucked up royally.
then at 6:30 pm, the nocturnal shift lead called in, he had just woken up, sick as a dog, if he couldn't work, maybe I could pull a double shift, get off at 3 am , and then leave early the next shift, have plenty of time for making it to the show. Supervisor on call said, call up relief staff, see if they can work. well, I didn't have to call at all really, but I offered that I would work. I called anyway, and it worked out for me, no one else was available.
so it worked out. then the Detonators had to cancel, Sean Shock sick puking, can't stand up. Bruce didn't bring the backline, I had to use Joey Shithead's amp head and a speaker from Dave of MDC. Soothesayers fairly tore the roof off of Luckey's and the place reached capacity three times during the evening. My friend Megan from work brought her usually upright Common-law Husband, he actually had a good time.
during our cover of Homicide by 999, Bruce picked me up and tried to put me on his shoulders during the guitar solo. he wound up dropping me on my head. no worry, I was feeling no pain. MDC rocked, DOA put on an amazing show. I slept at the drummer's house from 5 am til 7, then crawled home in the blinding sunlight. cheers.


Aug. 4th, 2013 10:17 am
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whit blok 2013 3

Thankfully, there was very little smack-talk about "Local Brewing Company", but Tim's "Gentrify this!" t shirts were EVERYWHERE.
more pics coming soon, Soothesayers and maybe Dwight Dickinson. A good time was had.
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Locker Combo at 2 pm, Soothesayers at 8 pm. Other favorites will be Missing Links, Pirate Radio and Wetsock.
You may also find Ricky Bidness playing steel guitar with Dwight Dickinson at the Lazarus Pit.
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Can't believe the fucking coffee maker died...

Whiteaker People's Party is Saturday. I got the day off from work and I'll be appearing with Dwight D @ Lazarus Pit at 1 pm, Davy Jonesers at Tiny's @ 2, and the Soothesayers @ 8 pm. The Whiteaker PP is a response to the Whiteaker Block Party, (Whiteaker BLock Party is now in its 7th year!) Tim (of Soothe sayers) and Jevon organized the "People's Party" last year (2012) outside of the Block Party area, as a kind of act of defiance to the gentrification and monopolization of the Whiteaker neighborhood by Ninkasi brewing, this year the poeples party will be sponsured by Pabst Blue Ribbon, and that fact will be more of a 'two finger' salute to Ninkasi.
Originally, DavY jones' Locker Combo was going to play at the Jesco Club (AA) where Dave was caretaker at the time, THAT was to be the big F.U. to Ninkasi, because it was to be a sober party! but the little area we were to play was too small, and as soon as word got out that there was a 'non-Ninkasi' stage, it started to snowball a bit.
obv'ly not everyone is down with all the trash talking inevitably happens, about 'corporate beer' and the buying up of the neighborhood, whether its true or not, trash talking doesn't really achieve anything. & Where Tim is usually extra careful of what he does day, others close to him pick up the torch and mouth off about it. The politics of this situation makes for yucky band practices, can't we all just get along?

I've inherited the 'games group' at work, and will be running it for the first time tonight, still haven't decided what I want to play with residents. I'm very lucky to work with such great people, the staff at garden is pretty cool.
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Davy Jones Locker Combo has 2 final shows: August 2nd at Tiny Tevern, and August 3rd at 2 pm @ the Whiteaker People's Party also (sigh) at Tiny Tavern. I mostly don't have a lot of time to setup any shows between family, home, work and school. We may stick around in some format under a different name, at least me and Motor City Scott. The Soothesayers are playing the Whiteaker PP at 8 pm.
DJLC 8/2 at Tiny's with BrainAke & PetitMort
DJLC 8/3 Tiny's parking lot 2 pm
Soothesayers 8/3 Tiny's 8 pm.
Anyhoo, today marks the official start of my new hours at work.

I got my baritone guitar, but it needs a setup (intonation & truss rod adjustment) otherwise it sounds great,

RUSSIAN ska? )
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Did a gig with Dwight Dickinson last night at Tiny Tavern. It was a benefit for Brain Ake and the Family Mullet, as they got pulled over on their way to play a show in McMinnville, their RV was impounded and they got tons of fines for expired tags, speeding, and I don't know what all. So they raffled some gay porn and PEZ dispensers... Walking Trainsong played, which I didn't see, they're some (other) ex-bandmates of Mr. Mertz...

Soothesayers play in Portland this evening at Kelly's Olympian.

some ambient stuff recommended by STYLSS (Stop Taking your life so seriously)

BLACK LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!
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also this: JP will be graduating this coming week. JP was good about going to Santina's ballet peformace yesterday with the family, inlcuding my (paternal) Dad, who drove down from Portland for the ballet... JP's pretty active on soundcloud, when he should be probably working on illustrating a book, 'Strong Jay'- but this is what he's been up to: ♠JUNES♠.

Nuxie's guppies had babies! We rounded up as many as we could and put in an isolation 'nursery' that separates the babies (fry) from adult fish, because the fry get eaten... by everybody. The frogs eat 'em, mommies and daddies eat 'em, even the neon tetras got a piece of the action, by eating the babies. On a less joyous note, while cleaning Nuxie's tank, I noticed tiny white worms (planaria) which are not harmful (but totally disgusting imho) so I vacuumed the substrate (gravel) and we did a 35% water change, the results have been good. Next thing is to stop feeding the fish (except the babies!) for a few days and be more careful about overfeeding... I tell ya, its the darn frogs! You want to make sure they're getting food after all, but I guess they can probably go a few days wihtout food, expecially after binging on babies!

Mertz Manor will be full to the brim with family visitors for the graduation next Saturday. Then, Soothesayers play at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, June 15th and Davy Jones Locker Combo plays an acoustic set June 29th at Cozmik Pizza.

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the 'show' for tonight is actually only $12, not $32. the $32 includes most of the 'hot glass' areas where artisans will be competing and creating original glassworks.
There will be DJ's between bands, and I'm told the Soothesayers' performance will be followed by the showing of a new film about glassworks. ? I guess they'll need something to calm them down.
Had a great hike with Nuxie and Waffles at Mt. Pisgah yesterday. JP is off on a camping trip to Fall Creek, returning tomorrow.
I've got to work on our bathroom, garage and yard to prepare for all our visitors next week. I've got finals Tuesday, but they should be pretty easy for me. Biology class last night was mostly identifying skulls of woodland mammals, by measuring size and counting teeth: bear, marten, skunk, coyote, shrew, etc.
Came home and finished the new Arrested Development season with Nux, then watched Trailer Park Boys.

time for me to get my coffee...


DFO 2013

May. 21st, 2013 08:29 am
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the degenerate flame off 2013 will be at cornerstone glass in the whit. Soothesayers' singer, Samantha, is glass royalty around these parts: she says the event will have a limited space, the tickets to attend are $10, VIP passes can be purchased that allow one to attend 'special rooms' in which ornate glass items will be used for (dot dot dot)
The flame off, which Soothesayers have played before, used to be at Eugene glass school. Its a weird crowd for us, we're used to hooting punks not blazed hippies. The 'official' flame-off prohibits items like hash/weed pipes. the 'degenerate flame off' focuses almost exclusively on this type of item and has become at least as big, or if not BIGGER than the regular flame-off. So they're trying to keep fairly tight security, in order to keep out true degenerates... we'll see how that goes.
Anyways, we were invited to play in 2010, but I couldn't make it that time (I had to rush the fam down to Walnut Creek to see my Grandma Gladys before she passed away) Samantha says the DFO turns into a grand competition, with famous glass workers trying to out-do each other with ornate and creative works which are for the most part, dope utensils(or 'cheese converters' if you prefer).
My buddy Michele's baby-daddy is one of the glass workers who will be in attendance, and though I've only met him once or twice: I REALLY do not like the guy. The level of crappy stuff he's done to Michele, and the bizarre way in which he brainwashes his own sons bothers me to no end, and though I don't want to go to civil court for battery, I struggle against the urge to put a hurt on him when I do see him. He doesn't pay her child support, he often doesn't take custody when its his turn, and he's moved in with a very young Mormon chick, who also seems to be brain-washed.
anyhoo, thats on the 31st.
I got 6 or 7 cd's from Ed in the mail. CD's made from scratchy old 45's from the 50's, some really great stuff!
JP graduates from South on 6/8 and we will have a bunch of company all that week. I have final exams on 6/11.
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Dude, LIVEJOURNAL is loading more and more slowly on my macbook, anyone else having troubles?

Davy Jones Jocker Combo appears 4/20 at Kowloon's THE CITY Lounge, 2222 Martin Luther King Jr Bl
Eugene, OR 97401-2475. Kowloon's restaurant has been locally owned and operated since 1987, and our bass player, Creeper Collin works there as delivery guy. Girls, that is your in- order some Chinese Food, tip well (he may accept herbal offerings) with PIRATE RADIO and TBA. Don't know what/if cover charge, stay tuned for furthur on the enterprise. We'll also be playing 4/29 at the newly remodeled ASTORIA POKER LOUNGE, and that WILL be a FREE show.

The Soothesayers are finally back! we'll be playing 5/6 at th Grand Re-opening of Dawn Baby Salon on Willamette, I guarantee a good time will be had by all, and now there is a little more elbow room, to stash the keg, and um, do some kegstands! Dawn Baby Salon's last Soothesayers party became fodder for a new(ish) song titled BRING THE PAGNE! written by yours truly, Fred X Mertz, you can hear a rough mix of it on our Reverbnation page.

a roota manta golly, knocka shemba wemba doo.

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Los Mex Pistols del Norte!

hell yeah.


there are many types of bitches, to wit:


Feb. 28th, 2009 11:30 am
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Soothesayers play at another OUTLAW PARTY tonight at Bulb Ranch in unincorporated Glenwood Springs.
Tom from Puddletown Paddys lives right around the corner, so I hope he's able to make it. and if Jonny Cat aint camping, maybe he'll show up.
I hope it doesn't rain, cause its more or less outdoors. Possible under a tarp at best. We played there on Easter for the 'beer hunt' one time, and it was raining. The crowd threw joints at us! some of which were pink! How Easter-y!

I been writing some lately. behind the cut: something kinda sad and narrative of 'the rumor'


Feb. 1st, 2009 09:36 pm
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Mertz playing bass with Man Overboard 2/6/09 @ Campbell Club. the Man overboard msypace is so cluttered with stuff, it doesn't load properly. I've been bugging Aleka aboot it, but nothings changed yet.

Mertz's number one with a bullet band THE SOOTHESAYERS playing Sam Bond's 2/21. working on some soundtrack thingy for a tweenage coming of age video which might get to cable tv or a film festival, to wit: GIRL DISAPPEARS

I dunno, how much money should we ask for? Is the exposure going to be worth it? NIB, please Help me! you're my only hope!
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Mento singer, way ahead of his time. major influence on many Afro-Cuban performers of his day, not the least of which include Harry Belafonte and Desi Arnaz. and check out the squares digging the vibe. I don't really 'get' the movie plot, but the banjo player does some Jimi Hendrix moves & Lord Flea does some old school breakin'. when the white lady sings, she kinda kills the mood... & yet she gets the big applause?

I've been looking for records of this cat for a few years... The Jolly Boys are great, but LORD FLEA has a more sensational energy

Soothesayers played two back to back shows, and our keyboard player was in two bands each night, she deserves a medal for that... Friday, we played a much better set I think. And at least me & Craig were a little burned out last night. gota pace myself better I guess.

BIG thanks to Dan Jones, Sassy O, Chris Ross and my talented patient bandmates: the Secret Hippie, Samantha, Dr. Ake, and Craig.

now I gota drive to Willamette Pass to pick up JP, Juan, Spencer and Dylan. then maybe I'll go with them to see AS I LAY DYING @ wow hall...
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Puddletown Paddys live on KWVA on Saturday December 6th at 8 pm.

Soothesayers play a wedding at Cozmik Pizza! on December 20th. No word yet how many guests I'm allowed, or if there is a limit. These are some folks that saw us play at Tiny's a few weeks back, and asked us to play Sex Pistols covers at their wedding! I hope we get paid! but if not, at least it will be cool photo op.

JP has a recital at Cozmik Pizza this saturday at 4 pm, I think... Sothesayers probably recording with Chris Ross thru the weekend.




Jan. 7th, 2008 11:51 am
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i was gona put our old tree out for recycling, but instead I 'm going to cut it up for YULE LOGs.

A Yule log, sometimes known as the Great Ashen Faggot, is a large log which is burned in the hearth as a part of traditional Yule or Christmas celebrations in some cultures. It can be a part of the Winter Solstice festival or the Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Twelfth Night.

The expression "Yule log" has also come to refer to log-shaped Christmas cakes, also known as "chocolate logs" or "Bûche de Noël".

photos by Mr Random

Tim threw me a surprise party last night, complete with a chocolate raspberry cake from sweet life that is the bomb bomb digity. we were going to have soothesayers practice after/during the partay but Samantha our singer, got food poisoning.

Nux has a great blog of all her yarn and fabric stuff. featuring the cutest 'top model' on earth.

I played a little party on Wednesday night with Man Overboard. and this wednesday I'll be trying to revive the Puddletown Paddys with Aaron, Justin, Tom and Nathanael. we still need a guitar player! Let me know if anyone's interested.

I am the very model of a
Modern Major General

photos by Mr Random

I just got a call from a pal who wants me to comment on the "WOPR" plan.

The BLM’s Western Oregon Plan Revision, better known by its hamburgeresque acronym WOPR, is part of a nationwide effort by the Bush administration to roll back habitat protections while ramping up logging, oil and gas drilling, mining and other resource-extraction activities on public lands.

The BLM’s proposal would add 1,000 miles of new roads and eliminate 57 percent of the tree buffers along rivers and streams where salmon spawn. Watersheds that many communities rely on for their drinking water would be damaged. In August, EPA officials wrote letters expressing concern that hard-won water quality gains in the Northwest that have occurred under the Northwest Forest Plan could be lost under the proposed owl recovery plan.

Oregonians have until Jan. 11 to comment on the BLM’s proposal. By making that the first item on their list of resolutions, they can make certain they get a rolling start on the rest.

please go to the
public input website : and comment. the deadline is coming up VERY soon.

photos by Mr Random

BIG thanks to Mr Random for the photos!


Jan. 1st, 2008 07:13 pm
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Originally uploaded by joltrguyst
Holidays wind down. Back to work tomorrow.

The Mertzlings dont go back to skool til next wednesday.

Here I sit sipping my Dutch Bros mocha wishing Soothesayers could practice more than just Thursday....





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