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thank full for the breeze, the air was too thick
your cologne is gona make me sick
everyeone's sulking, nursing wounds,
I can see blue skies
between the bars, covering my eyes
I can smell freedom, somewhere nearby
but in here, the meat is thin and tough
lift waits all day, to prove you aint a cream puff
oh, the bugs are hungry, your bed is hard and flat
they got you turned around, you dont know where youre at
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ancient xfr from cassette tape: headphones recommended, expecially at the end of this

fuck no i dont have a pinterest


nuke mutey steroid bee hyperbole FRIDAY EDITION )
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nothing u can can say would spoil this moment
when words get in the way, they take away the momentum
in my memory the moon will keep on risin
leaving behind that emptiness on the horizon
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light my candle, cinnamon wonder
my patience has paid off
there is amazing agility
in your killer/goddess
with demonic knife/angelic kiss
drops of blood in the snow
soot on your pale hands
panning for gold
scratching your way to freedom
cat cornered and gasping for
Milky frost
on transparent darkness
Flakes fall on nakedness
white won't wait
can't hurt
Frozen blushing
trampled under waxy wings
& stepping on my tail

How does the green make you feel
is it like ideas you want to steal
can you plant a friendship
nurture gift giving, joke telling, life giving
A melting , warped beauty of Off-Key buzzing
that fades into slippery departing locomotive

Malicious Noodles
Ginger slide bowling for coffee coast
Starclock telling me backwards
The boutique gigs feeding me a wallet
Butt Not My Soul
Curved benches like teacups caressing the handle
My budget curves fretless
& spinning rototiller vibe


Feb. 28th, 2009 11:30 am
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Soothesayers play at another OUTLAW PARTY tonight at Bulb Ranch in unincorporated Glenwood Springs.
Tom from Puddletown Paddys lives right around the corner, so I hope he's able to make it. and if Jonny Cat aint camping, maybe he'll show up.
I hope it doesn't rain, cause its more or less outdoors. Possible under a tarp at best. We played there on Easter for the 'beer hunt' one time, and it was raining. The crowd threw joints at us! some of which were pink! How Easter-y!

I been writing some lately. behind the cut: something kinda sad and narrative of 'the rumor'
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i'll pay you off in poems
in songs and dreams and wild ideas
the exchange rate might not be so good now
so be prepared for installments
maybe just once a week, I can fill up your ears
stimulate that damn cranial switchboard
and wire you hundreds of half-baked pearls
wisdom and shame, fortune and scandal, history, mystery and wide-eyed tomfoolery
from the midway to the guarded palace gates
you can cash these in any language, any country, any port
they can get you out of a jam, they don't take up any space
from your lips to god's ears, interest free.

(4 Miss Nuxie)

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Frontside aerial

theres a pirate utopia in my head
where people appreciate the difference
unocal aids in burma due to the heroin trade
wheres the connection?

theres a bulletproof diva under my feet
where people appreciate the difference
the fifth column ferrets out dirty accounts causing retirements of congressmen
wheres the connection?

theres a chain of cigars in the penthouse apartments,
a stinky liqiud that filters down
it leaks out of the bottom of the trash in the alley
with the most disgusting stench you can imagine

she’s still spitting teeth from the fall down...
she’s still running ads for the calm down...
she’s still steaming with her fun in the phone book...
reaching for another type of work...
we all suffer from burnout,
none of us has any energy...

Angry? "Yes."
Effective? "Sometimes."
Speaking to the disenfranchised youth? "Not really."

We just ask for the money up front.
Pay up sucker


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