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I felt I had a productive day at work yesterday. i was off at 10:30, and went for a night hike with my band-mates of Davy Jones Locker Combo, Mr. Jonny Birchwood and Charlie Hustle, as well as Charlie's buddy Adam. We brought waffles the wonder-pooch, and hiked to the top of Skinner's butte, arriving at the summit at 1 am. The moon was waxing gibbous, and bright. No jackets were required, there was only a light breeze.
Much trash was talked throughout the hike and the height of stupidity was the creation of
the tale of RattleRoid )
I'm very glad that Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite boys will be playing at the Eugene Celebration ( on Sunday, so I will be able to attend, IF we aren't headed up to Portland that day to move James into his dorm. yes, James is going to PNCA ( art school in Portland!

Friday Night CURRENT EVENTS at the Residential Treatment Facility )

Davy Jones' Locker Combo will play October 6th at Red Room in Portland.
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Did a gig with Dwight Dickinson last night at Tiny Tavern. It was a benefit for Brain Ake and the Family Mullet, as they got pulled over on their way to play a show in McMinnville, their RV was impounded and they got tons of fines for expired tags, speeding, and I don't know what all. So they raffled some gay porn and PEZ dispensers... Walking Trainsong played, which I didn't see, they're some (other) ex-bandmates of Mr. Mertz...

Soothesayers play in Portland this evening at Kelly's Olympian.

some ambient stuff recommended by STYLSS (Stop Taking your life so seriously)

BLACK LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!
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Danny Elfman and the mystic knights of the oingo boingo got a lot of airplay on the Doctor Demento radio program back in the day. This must have been a 2 way street, because I'm pretty sure Danny Elfman picked this infectious song up from Dr. D.

Having some Lambrusco and Stawberries,


I just might vandalize my republican neighbors' yard if I get 'D' enough later.
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JP's biopsy came back negative for Celiac's Disease (of which allergy to gluten is a major component). But I haven't been able to reach the doctor to discuss what that might mean. Pretty frustrating, and definitely nerve-racking for him- I kind of regret saying anything at all, because now he in really up in the air, and basically shitting a brick that the doctor doesn't know what his real problem is, though that may or may not be the case.

I've started fundraising for ALC11 in a kind of half-assed way, just using their email to send out a solicitation letter. I'll be doing some snail mail postcards this weekend... and probably hitting the bricks to ask ask ask at bike shops and the like...

I VERY NEARLY got into a physical encounter with a shit head driver on my way back from LCC yesterday. One good consequence is that it inspired me to buy a new helmet for JP right away, and to at least consider replacing my 10 year old brain bucket also. The eastbound side of 30th is not very bad at all, but the westbound side is Gnar-nar McGNarson MADE ALL THE WORSE BY A YELLING DUDE IN A BIG RED PICKUP TRUCK. I keep telling myself that under normal circumstances, I would've just flipped him the bird and ignored it, but it had been a bit of a stressful Monday for me.... and I was riding my back up a steep hill with 30 lbs of books in my backpack.

now what gluten free thing can i get for this kid that doesn't require me washing dishes.....

New Music

Jan. 31st, 2011 10:31 pm
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5 new songs for the newly christened 'Davey Jones Locker Combo'

WALKING INTO BATTLE WITH THE LORD (One of Chumbawamba's many war protest songs, this one masquerades as a gospel tune. I've punked it up considerably.)

CADAVER DOLLY (An original Mertz psychobilly tune)

CAT O 9 TALES (a re-work of a pirate tune and an Irish protest song, done to the tune of 'Courtin in the Kitchen')

CROW JANE STOMP (Cover of Nick Cave, re-worked into Western Swing style. A song about rape/revenge. Similar in plot to 'I Spit On Your Grave')

JOLLY NED TEACH OF BRISTOL (re: Blackbeard. May have been written by Ben Franklin)

We record on Wednesday, but probly none of these songs will be included on that recording.

Colin's radio show "CREEPER MADNESS" is on KWVA tomorrow night 10-12 and Sean Shanahan will be leading the Bluegrass Jam down at Sam Bond's Garage. I will be sitting in as 2nd engineer for another episode of "The Female Voice" Podcast from 5-6:30
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nothing u can can say would spoil this moment
when words get in the way, they take away the momentum
in my memory the moon will keep on risin
leaving behind that emptiness on the horizon


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