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its pretty brief, but makes a lot of sense in a 'back to the future' kind of way.

Father's Day tomorrow, I will work 8 am to noon. Yes, that is after a gig in Portland tonight.


witness Dave's boy Joey crawling around on the couch during practice...
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Did a gig with Dwight Dickinson last night at Tiny Tavern. It was a benefit for Brain Ake and the Family Mullet, as they got pulled over on their way to play a show in McMinnville, their RV was impounded and they got tons of fines for expired tags, speeding, and I don't know what all. So they raffled some gay porn and PEZ dispensers... Walking Trainsong played, which I didn't see, they're some (other) ex-bandmates of Mr. Mertz...

Soothesayers play in Portland this evening at Kelly's Olympian.

some ambient stuff recommended by STYLSS (Stop Taking your life so seriously)

BLACK LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!
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JP grad
so proud of JP. He's off to art school in the fall. Our visitors have gone and all is back to (ab)normally quiet.

Once upon a time, I lived in Torrance. We were recording some Juno 6 with me on electronic drums. Nuxie picked up the REsearch 'Modern Primitives' book to a particular page and she sang the words on the page as a song
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also this: JP will be graduating this coming week. JP was good about going to Santina's ballet peformace yesterday with the family, inlcuding my (paternal) Dad, who drove down from Portland for the ballet... JP's pretty active on soundcloud, when he should be probably working on illustrating a book, 'Strong Jay'- but this is what he's been up to: ♠JUNES♠.

Nuxie's guppies had babies! We rounded up as many as we could and put in an isolation 'nursery' that separates the babies (fry) from adult fish, because the fry get eaten... by everybody. The frogs eat 'em, mommies and daddies eat 'em, even the neon tetras got a piece of the action, by eating the babies. On a less joyous note, while cleaning Nuxie's tank, I noticed tiny white worms (planaria) which are not harmful (but totally disgusting imho) so I vacuumed the substrate (gravel) and we did a 35% water change, the results have been good. Next thing is to stop feeding the fish (except the babies!) for a few days and be more careful about overfeeding... I tell ya, its the darn frogs! You want to make sure they're getting food after all, but I guess they can probably go a few days wihtout food, expecially after binging on babies!

Mertz Manor will be full to the brim with family visitors for the graduation next Saturday. Then, Soothesayers play at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, June 15th and Davy Jones Locker Combo plays an acoustic set June 29th at Cozmik Pizza.

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Davy Jones' Locker Combo, possibly last show ever, we will probably do at least one more show, but it will be in the town of St. Helen's OR, NW of Portland at a classic car show. DJLC at Cozmik Pizza
Saturday 6/18 w/ Justice Beagle and Strange Dichotomy.... I know. I thought we wouldn't go out like THAT, but there it is. Also, its on the same night as Face To Face @ WOW Hall, so we may lose some of our audience to that show.... I was only able to add one new song for Saturday's set, but at least I changed up the order and added a few surprises.
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the UPS guy just pulled up and freaked me out. I knew it couldnt be this guitar yet... and it wasn't...

booger, snot, poopy, fart, vomit.

it was yarn for miss Nuxie

but my guitar should be here by thursday.

EDIT: the axe didnt ship till wednesday... its saturday and I'm still WAITING!
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Yes, Mertz is on the M-F.

quote: "I AM a supervisor, sir."

Ghost Bees
Indie / Folk / Shoegaze
Sounds Like: slicing a grapefruit and really long hair that sways from side to side.

Punk / Alternative / Rockabilly
Sounds Like: Rock'n'Roll

Folk Rock / Punk / Indie
Sounds Like: drunken Irish punk incorporating banjo


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