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Davy Jones Locker Combo has 2 final shows: August 2nd at Tiny Tevern, and August 3rd at 2 pm @ the Whiteaker People's Party also (sigh) at Tiny Tavern. I mostly don't have a lot of time to setup any shows between family, home, work and school. We may stick around in some format under a different name, at least me and Motor City Scott. The Soothesayers are playing the Whiteaker PP at 8 pm.
DJLC 8/2 at Tiny's with BrainAke & PetitMort
DJLC 8/3 Tiny's parking lot 2 pm
Soothesayers 8/3 Tiny's 8 pm.
Anyhoo, today marks the official start of my new hours at work.

I got my baritone guitar, but it needs a setup (intonation & truss rod adjustment) otherwise it sounds great,

RUSSIAN ska? )
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its pretty brief, but makes a lot of sense in a 'back to the future' kind of way.

Father's Day tomorrow, I will work 8 am to noon. Yes, that is after a gig in Portland tonight.


witness Dave's boy Joey crawling around on the couch during practice...
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yes , want.

the Danelectro "Dead on '67" was a copy of the Coral Hornet

here's a dress-up of the DANELECTRO version. He adjusts the tremolo arm, and uses a bit of 'never dull' metal polish

The Coral Hornet:

Eastwood Guitars makes a 'sidejack' baritone like yo:

Sidejack shown here in action:

Soothesayers play portland saturday

peace, love, rise above

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My DJLC Sunday gig at Black Forest aint hap'nin. Dwight Dickinson is doing 2 dates at Tiny Tavern... wtf wtf wtf? I think I'm only going to play the Friday one, with Cuntagious & Security in Numbers. I will be reprising my role as Ricky Bidness, Dwight's steel guitar and harmonica man.

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Dude, LIVEJOURNAL is loading more and more slowly on my macbook, anyone else having troubles?

Davy Jones Jocker Combo appears 4/20 at Kowloon's THE CITY Lounge, 2222 Martin Luther King Jr Bl
Eugene, OR 97401-2475. Kowloon's restaurant has been locally owned and operated since 1987, and our bass player, Creeper Collin works there as delivery guy. Girls, that is your in- order some Chinese Food, tip well (he may accept herbal offerings) with PIRATE RADIO and TBA. Don't know what/if cover charge, stay tuned for furthur on the enterprise. We'll also be playing 4/29 at the newly remodeled ASTORIA POKER LOUNGE, and that WILL be a FREE show.

The Soothesayers are finally back! we'll be playing 5/6 at th Grand Re-opening of Dawn Baby Salon on Willamette, I guarantee a good time will be had by all, and now there is a little more elbow room, to stash the keg, and um, do some kegstands! Dawn Baby Salon's last Soothesayers party became fodder for a new(ish) song titled BRING THE PAGNE! written by yours truly, Fred X Mertz, you can hear a rough mix of it on our Reverbnation page.

a roota manta golly, knocka shemba wemba doo.

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Getting back into kickboxing regimen , not doing much music lately- the Davey Jones Locker Combo's drummer appears to be burning out, I have a hard time reaching him by phone lately, and then he cancels practices. we are supposed to do a show Sunday night at the old Shoji's on Willamette. If we play it will be at about 11 ....

there were a couple shows I wanted to go to last night, but after two giant beers and tons of cheese and salami, I wound up snoozing on the couch as Santina watched an awful animated movie called 'FLY ME TO THE MOON' about some house flys that ride in the apollo moon lander... yeah.

I ordered a mic pre-amp that I've needed forever... should be churning out some sweet demos soon

then without further ado (Can't believe I haven't posted this here already...) DJLC, Dracula's Daughter!


Feb. 1st, 2009 09:36 pm
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Mertz playing bass with Man Overboard 2/6/09 @ Campbell Club. the Man overboard msypace is so cluttered with stuff, it doesn't load properly. I've been bugging Aleka aboot it, but nothings changed yet.

Mertz's number one with a bullet band THE SOOTHESAYERS playing Sam Bond's 2/21. working on some soundtrack thingy for a tweenage coming of age video which might get to cable tv or a film festival, to wit: GIRL DISAPPEARS

I dunno, how much money should we ask for? Is the exposure going to be worth it? NIB, please Help me! you're my only hope!
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Soothesayers at Sam Bond's: Samantha & Jenn as Cholas. Mertz as a low rider, Secret Hippie as "M.C. THC", and Craig as a grad student/drummer. Nice Costume, Craig.....

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Puddletown Paddys live on KWVA on Saturday December 6th at 8 pm.

Soothesayers play a wedding at Cozmik Pizza! on December 20th. No word yet how many guests I'm allowed, or if there is a limit. These are some folks that saw us play at Tiny's a few weeks back, and asked us to play Sex Pistols covers at their wedding! I hope we get paid! but if not, at least it will be cool photo op.

JP has a recital at Cozmik Pizza this saturday at 4 pm, I think... Sothesayers probably recording with Chris Ross thru the weekend.



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cyclist who pedalled world killed by hit-and-run driver )

had much fun at Dawn Baby's hair salon last night and put on a decent show with the SOOTHESAYERS and got to watch the amazingly fun LONDON FLUSH, who mostly do covers of THE YARDBIRDS.

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the UPS guy just pulled up and freaked me out. I knew it couldnt be this guitar yet... and it wasn't...

booger, snot, poopy, fart, vomit.

it was yarn for miss Nuxie

but my guitar should be here by thursday.

EDIT: the axe didnt ship till wednesday... its saturday and I'm still WAITING!
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Happy 2007: the year of DOING STUFF, not GETTING STUFF. and it will be topped off with Xmas 07, the BUY NOTHING XMAS!

(Nuxie gasps in horror!)

the 07 Tournament of Roses Parade was STORMED by troopers of all nations, as the grand marshall was George Lucas.

courtesy of Bonnie Girl

Mertz might be playing tin whistle, banjo, and harmonica in a pirate music group here in Eugene. The unfortunate name of the group has nothing whatever to do with pirates , tho... 'AUDIO ACOUSTICA'. I will be doing a CD of the 'Puddletown Pattys' but there will be some lineup changes.

I turn 37 on 1/9/07. the Tom Waits tribute show is at Sam Bond's on 1/13/07 & I'm hoping to get 'Audio Acoustica' to do a number or 2. HAPPY BASTARDS are playing Friday 1/5/07 @ Le Sous Sol and 1/7/07 at Tiny Tavern.

I plan on paying much closer attention to MERTX Jr's academic life, due to his poor grades at 1st term. His advisor has not repllied to either of the 2 emails I've sent, but I've had some contact with the Vice Principal and a Counselor - we've got a meeting set for Friday and my son will be tested for A.D.D. on thursday...

hope everyone had great holidays, much love and respect,


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I dont think this site has been updated in a LOOOONNGG time, but its interesting. it shows what gear was used to create the sound on famous songs:

I found when looking for the Rickenbacker that I want. Look at the entry for creedence clearwater song 'Susie Q'- I want a black and white Ricky 325 like that (lower right, below.)

beatle guitars

heres a nice PINK sparkle Fender Jaguar
PINK sparkle

I also like the Silvertone with an amplifier inside the case.
amp IN the case

i don't really WANT these, of course- I'm just drooling out loud.
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HOTBOX plays next wednesday at sam bonds garage,
QUICK DITCH plays 4/27 at Sam;s Place.

(edit: FyeahMyspace!)


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