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Chelsea came over Monday, we made a nice 'whole foods' meal

burger meat with mushrooms and garlic
forbidden rice

She walked waffles with me, then went home.

We didn't talk about talking swing dance classes, she was just nervous about paying her bills, and apparently had a lot of neck pain.

i have some more long shifts coming up and I hate leaving waffles here alone for too long.

Doug is out of town til tuesday night, its nice to have the place back to myself.  some people are just psychic vampires.
so I'm answering roomie ads from craigslist rando's which can be a crap shoot.  Meantime waffles is alone from 2-10:30 pm. shit.

I hope Trump goes to fucking jail or russia, or better yet, a jail in russia.

Davy  Jones Locker Combo plays Old Nick's SUnday with Symptoms, Pacifico, Jims.

Tour Spiel

Feb. 4th, 2016 05:14 pm
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Taxi Follies:
Then there was this little older couple on their way to the airport, they go every Christmas to Hawaii. Talk about their timeshare. And then the guy says that he's afraid to go snorkeling because of poisonous snakes well I'm not afraid of poisonous snakes. the snorkeling was awesome! I'm sorry that you live such a sheltered and secluded and secure life.... you should've seen the way that he set all the alarms and passed out notes to all the neighbors that he was gonna be gone for a few days, well actually three weeks. i thought I was paranoid....

Our little DJLC tour:
It started with a 'double' at Black Forest, as Davy Jones' Locker Combo opened, X-Boyfriends played what is supposedly their last show ever, then Le Petit Mort finished. The bands had $180 to split, and we opted to give X-Boyfriends half, instead of just one third.
Satya's friend offered us the use of her 16 foot camper trailer, with the caveat that she come along with it, cook our food, etc. She actually bought a whole lot of food, cooked some of it for us, but it was cramped and claustrophobic inside that trailer, also I'm ashamed to say the brake lights didn't work, and I opted to drive it anyway. The truck was a RAM 1500 with 4 wheel drive, new tires, the truck was in great shape. but we used the trailer to haul all our gear, more or less 2 bands' worth, since we are all members of Davy Jones' Locker Combo AND le Petit Mort (the acoustic group which includes my banjo , and Satya's upright bass)
about 5 on Friday, we dropped off waffles (my dog!) at my dad's, then really hauled ass up to Tukwila, WA, outlying Seattle area. We texted ahead that we might be late, but it turned out fine. The 'door guy' for the evening was Meat Pie, who plays in a group called Space Waster. Meat Pie directed me to park out back of the club, and just pull up as close as I could to the club, since there wasn't much traffic, no problem.
the bands were Everwood Pines, Nordis, Davy Jones' Locker Combo, and Dwight Dickinson. Dwight shared our drummer, Charlie Hustle, so he was a sweaty tired mess by the end of it. it wasn't TOO cold, but it was pretty cold.
we parked the trailer in a Wal Mart parking lot, and had to stow the gear in the truck of the cab while we slept. The trailer has a queen and two singles, one of those singles is a little claustrophobic, but that's where I slept.
My band members are fucking potheads. so much pot did they smoke.
Saturday, we had 2 shows in one day! We headed down to Vancouver, WA to play at 'Writ Fest', which turned out to be a festival of introverts at a very mellow house party, which was totally cool with me. Erik Anarchy played, and a few other acts, then we played, using borrowed equipment of the house members, the drum kit was falling apart as Scot played it, so that was a challenge, but we rocked. Chantel made some enchiladas that were out of this world. We were out of there by 5, and headed to Longview, WA, where we played at a Chinese Restaurant! It was off the hook! Most of the bands incorporated some folk-punk elements, like banjo, acoustic bass, harmonica, etc. The first band was banjo, snare and acoustic bass, called Stealin' Your Booze. Davy Jones played second, to a sweet spot packed house and nearly tore the roof off the place with some sweet slam dance action in the front, next was Dwight Dickinson, doing his patriotic schtick, then "Long-tucky picks and the faulty grip" and they played for over an hour. We parked the trailer outside the house of some of the Longtucky guys, and they fed us breakfast next morning.
Sunday we rolled into Portland the next day with plans to play at an open mic at the Laurelthirst pub, but we didn't get a good spot, and the constant rain made the long wait sound like a drag, so we stayed over Scot's friend's house near the trendy North Mississippi area, Chantel made us a beef roast.
Monday we went back to Seattle again. I got us a KOA campsite, we dumped the septic (whew!) Scot was very nervous about booking the Monday night show, and his fears were not unfounded, as the club was pretty disappointed at our (lack of) turnout. but we did manage to swing by the U district and pickup my friend JT, and brought him along to the show. This was another 'double' where we played as 2 separate bands, but of course that means fewer spectators, and therefore paying customers. I don't know what they expected on a Monday, but I had fun.
I was really getting tired of driving the trailer, so we came back to Eugene Tuesday. Last night, we drove up to Portland again to play at Ash Street Saloon. not a big show, but super fun. Friday we go back up again for the Tardis Room show with Dwight.
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Davy Jones' Locker Combo played 2 shows this week: Old Nick's and Boreal, big surprise!
Wednesday was Kim's show at Old Nick's, featuring two train hopper bands, and the DJLC. Le Petit Mort was supposed to play, but Whisky Scotty had a surgery,

(edit 6/22/17: some pictures were missing, that was a weird show, I feel like we played great, but the other groups were last minute, and sounded grating. RIP Boreal.)

then Friday, (last night) at Boreal with Googins and and Not a Part of It.

Tonight, Me and Santina are cuddling with Jackie and Waffles, and binge watching Netflix.
Thanksgiving was some work, but amazing in several ways; having my kids see my (long-divorced) parents get along so well
Apparently, I'm rainbow dash.

lots of upcoming shows: I'm playing bass with Pirate Radio, opening for TSOL on Jan 13th.

Soothesayers are opening for the Supersuckers in February, and playing Dot's birthday party 12/9 and a Krampus show at Old Nick's 12/23.
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my brain is a little mushy this mornin.
so i played a lot of banjo last night.  Sean Schock only had one direct box, which was used for the guitar, Bucky's mandolin and my banjo were plugged directly into the board, which makes for a kind of yucky sound.

if you like electronic music, and "nyquil-zone" in particular, then please check out this new track my son uploaded to his SOUNDCLOUD:

Rainbow Connection played on resonator guitar and 'humming tremolo' moothie.  hearken back to the days of my harmonica obsession:
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The Davy Jonesers had decided on a moratorium from playing live shows until we practiced up about a month's worth. Then Maggie Mayhem invited us to play a barn party with Brain Ache & the Family Mullet, Bomb Pots, and Cuntagious. we couldn't pass it up, what can I say. its September 7th and I guess its 'invitation only' (?) as they don't want too many humans. consider this your invitation. I don't have the address yet but its on Coburg, north of Eugene.
of course I don't get off work til 10:30, so we'll play at 10:45, maybe?

I didn't get my root canal yesterday, but they treated my infected tooth and I'll go back in 2 weeks.

James leaves for PNCA today! Ana will drive my truck, which I've named Tricia Toyota (the second)

Soothesayers might have a show October 3rd with Psyrup and Full Lush.
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I felt I had a productive day at work yesterday. i was off at 10:30, and went for a night hike with my band-mates of Davy Jones Locker Combo, Mr. Jonny Birchwood and Charlie Hustle, as well as Charlie's buddy Adam. We brought waffles the wonder-pooch, and hiked to the top of Skinner's butte, arriving at the summit at 1 am. The moon was waxing gibbous, and bright. No jackets were required, there was only a light breeze.
Much trash was talked throughout the hike and the height of stupidity was the creation of
the tale of RattleRoid )
I'm very glad that Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite boys will be playing at the Eugene Celebration ( on Sunday, so I will be able to attend, IF we aren't headed up to Portland that day to move James into his dorm. yes, James is going to PNCA ( art school in Portland!

Friday Night CURRENT EVENTS at the Residential Treatment Facility )

Davy Jones' Locker Combo will play October 6th at Red Room in Portland.
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Locker Combo at 2 pm, Soothesayers at 8 pm. Other favorites will be Missing Links, Pirate Radio and Wetsock.
You may also find Ricky Bidness playing steel guitar with Dwight Dickinson at the Lazarus Pit.
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Can't believe the fucking coffee maker died...

Whiteaker People's Party is Saturday. I got the day off from work and I'll be appearing with Dwight D @ Lazarus Pit at 1 pm, Davy Jonesers at Tiny's @ 2, and the Soothesayers @ 8 pm. The Whiteaker PP is a response to the Whiteaker Block Party, (Whiteaker BLock Party is now in its 7th year!) Tim (of Soothe sayers) and Jevon organized the "People's Party" last year (2012) outside of the Block Party area, as a kind of act of defiance to the gentrification and monopolization of the Whiteaker neighborhood by Ninkasi brewing, this year the poeples party will be sponsured by Pabst Blue Ribbon, and that fact will be more of a 'two finger' salute to Ninkasi.
Originally, DavY jones' Locker Combo was going to play at the Jesco Club (AA) where Dave was caretaker at the time, THAT was to be the big F.U. to Ninkasi, because it was to be a sober party! but the little area we were to play was too small, and as soon as word got out that there was a 'non-Ninkasi' stage, it started to snowball a bit.
obv'ly not everyone is down with all the trash talking inevitably happens, about 'corporate beer' and the buying up of the neighborhood, whether its true or not, trash talking doesn't really achieve anything. & Where Tim is usually extra careful of what he does day, others close to him pick up the torch and mouth off about it. The politics of this situation makes for yucky band practices, can't we all just get along?

I've inherited the 'games group' at work, and will be running it for the first time tonight, still haven't decided what I want to play with residents. I'm very lucky to work with such great people, the staff at garden is pretty cool.
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Davy Jones Locker Combo has 2 final shows: August 2nd at Tiny Tevern, and August 3rd at 2 pm @ the Whiteaker People's Party also (sigh) at Tiny Tavern. I mostly don't have a lot of time to setup any shows between family, home, work and school. We may stick around in some format under a different name, at least me and Motor City Scott. The Soothesayers are playing the Whiteaker PP at 8 pm.
DJLC 8/2 at Tiny's with BrainAke & PetitMort
DJLC 8/3 Tiny's parking lot 2 pm
Soothesayers 8/3 Tiny's 8 pm.
Anyhoo, today marks the official start of my new hours at work.

I got my baritone guitar, but it needs a setup (intonation & truss rod adjustment) otherwise it sounds great,

RUSSIAN ska? )
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its pretty brief, but makes a lot of sense in a 'back to the future' kind of way.

Father's Day tomorrow, I will work 8 am to noon. Yes, that is after a gig in Portland tonight.


witness Dave's boy Joey crawling around on the couch during practice...
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JP has graduated. We were kind of biting our nails that he might need summer shcool for a while there. Anyhoo, Mertz Manor crammed to the gills with house guests. Epic dinner Friday was Roast leg of Lamb, salmon, stuft grape leaves (dolmas) roast potatoes, greek salad. Last night after the commencement ceremony, the fam went to PF Chang's, I know neither local nor terribly fresh but they have good gluten free options (JP has celiac's disease) and we were able to reserve a table for twelve at 9 pm on a Friday.

My allergies have been intense, everyone's have: neezing everywhere you go, people wearing dust masks... my eyes watering 24/7, waking up at night all stuffed up. Claritin, Zaditor, Nalacrom and albuterol and still I'm a snotty, drippy mess.

Davy Jones' Locker Combo covers the Pogues (old recording):

LOVE Beth Moore self portrait

I've been fooolwing posts from Team Portland on the ALC (AIDS/Lifecycle) ride. I'm going to sign up for the ride in 2014!
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also this: JP will be graduating this coming week. JP was good about going to Santina's ballet peformace yesterday with the family, inlcuding my (paternal) Dad, who drove down from Portland for the ballet... JP's pretty active on soundcloud, when he should be probably working on illustrating a book, 'Strong Jay'- but this is what he's been up to: ♠JUNES♠.

Nuxie's guppies had babies! We rounded up as many as we could and put in an isolation 'nursery' that separates the babies (fry) from adult fish, because the fry get eaten... by everybody. The frogs eat 'em, mommies and daddies eat 'em, even the neon tetras got a piece of the action, by eating the babies. On a less joyous note, while cleaning Nuxie's tank, I noticed tiny white worms (planaria) which are not harmful (but totally disgusting imho) so I vacuumed the substrate (gravel) and we did a 35% water change, the results have been good. Next thing is to stop feeding the fish (except the babies!) for a few days and be more careful about overfeeding... I tell ya, its the darn frogs! You want to make sure they're getting food after all, but I guess they can probably go a few days wihtout food, expecially after binging on babies!

Mertz Manor will be full to the brim with family visitors for the graduation next Saturday. Then, Soothesayers play at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, June 15th and Davy Jones Locker Combo plays an acoustic set June 29th at Cozmik Pizza.

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My DJLC Sunday gig at Black Forest aint hap'nin. Dwight Dickinson is doing 2 dates at Tiny Tavern... wtf wtf wtf? I think I'm only going to play the Friday one, with Cuntagious & Security in Numbers. I will be reprising my role as Ricky Bidness, Dwight's steel guitar and harmonica man.



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