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JP has graduated. We were kind of biting our nails that he might need summer shcool for a while there. Anyhoo, Mertz Manor crammed to the gills with house guests. Epic dinner Friday was Roast leg of Lamb, salmon, stuft grape leaves (dolmas) roast potatoes, greek salad. Last night after the commencement ceremony, the fam went to PF Chang's, I know neither local nor terribly fresh but they have good gluten free options (JP has celiac's disease) and we were able to reserve a table for twelve at 9 pm on a Friday.

My allergies have been intense, everyone's have: neezing everywhere you go, people wearing dust masks... my eyes watering 24/7, waking up at night all stuffed up. Claritin, Zaditor, Nalacrom and albuterol and still I'm a snotty, drippy mess.

Davy Jones' Locker Combo covers the Pogues (old recording):

LOVE Beth Moore self portrait

I've been fooolwing posts from Team Portland on the ALC (AIDS/Lifecycle) ride. I'm going to sign up for the ride in 2014!
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This Saturday at Oak Street Speakeasy, Double Deuce opens for The Sawyer Family. This will be my final show with the Double Deuce!


I made a really good meatloaf last night. The market didn't have any ground pork in the meat section ("How are things in the meat department, Brian?") so I used ground turkey, which is the opposite of pork, but it still turned out great. gravy failed, though.
The Soothesayers have a great show coming up 3/16 with the Pierced Arrows at Luckey's. I'll be doing another show with Dwight Dickinson.... in my role as lap steel magnate Ricky Bidness.

riky bidness

Last.Fm stopped working on my powerbook (OS 10.5.8), required me to download a program, then wouldn't run anyway, requires OS 10.6. SO I said goodbye to Goodbye Tumblr, Goodbye Last.Fm, Goodbye Double Deuce. Springtime for Hitler, I guess huh?
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Last night Nuxie and I attended the Grand Opening of THE RABBIT HOLE )in Springfield, before going to Pat's for Kimmy's B-Day Partay. It was a costume Partay, and we didn't get the memo... snap. Soothesayers played a semi-short set without our keyboard player, Jenn. I used Pat's amp setup and got numerous compliments at first, that turned to 'Your amp sucks'. wah.

please mom don't read this, or Erik Estrada keeps IMing me )
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General Guinness! He's good as irish Stew.

the playing is not that stellar here, this is just a first attempt. I'm getting back the ambidexterity thing, but this particular harmonica line is a little tough for me still, even though the chords are dirt simple.

Our little kitty apears to have left us a baby snake carcass on the back porch as a trophy. (Jackie only leaves them on the front porch.) If shes trying to earn my respect, she's getting it. This is at least the second snake she's caught, the other one I was able to rescue before she tore it apart.

Went to THE VINTAGE ( with Miss Nuxie last night. had some SUPER bleu cheese fondue and drinks and dinner.

then, the Soothesayers played a short set at Tim's (second) birthday partay last night... our keyboard player, Jenn didn't make it in time for our set, as she was holding court at the roller derby afterbout party.

I need t'go back t'bed, folks...
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found out about this on
Christian Freaks rate movies based on 6 'violations' ( which together form the anagram WISDOM )
so I picked a fairly inoccuous one THE SHAGGY DOG - 2006 remake

Wanton Violence/Crime (W)
# adolescent breaking and entering to thieve
# slapstick violence, repeatedly
# traffic violence
# other breaking and entering
# threat to kill
# kidnapping

Impudence/Hate (I)
# dog urination
# adolescent disrespect toward father, repeatedly
# coaching to lie
# lies, repeatedly
# toilet humor, repeatedly such as a man hiking his leg to urinate as does a dog
# adolescent planning of defiance of parental conditions

Sexual Immorality (S)
# talk of naked/nude
# dog nuzzling a man's crotch from the rear, repeatedly
# nudity hidden from the viewer, repeatedly
# dog's tail tickling a man's nude crotch under a smock
# a man's nudity, hidden from the viewer, in his daughter's view

Drugs/Alcohol (D):
# drinking
# drugging of a man to silence (murder) him

Offense to God (O)
# two uses of God's name in vain without the four letter expletive
# Buddhism
# portrayal of Zen meditation

Murder/Suicide (M)
# none noted

interesting to me was that the 1959 G rated version had MORE offenses than the 2006 PG version ... WTF???

THE LION KING was marked as RED (strongest caution ) worst offense was in the 'S' category with only one example:

# Sexual Immorality (S)
# Homosexual suggestion by "Want me to dress in drag?"

GOD DAMN IT, saying or thinking Buddhism is an offense to Jehovah? Jesus fucking Christ, he has a stick up his ass!


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