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Friday ( 12/16/16 ) worked at ____________ again, they called me to try to get me in earlier, but by then, 2:30 was the earliest I could do, and actually I went over 40 hours for the week! They hate that! but WTF, they need coverage over the holidays

I had a double practice last night (Saturday 12/17) , first at THE SPACE with the Indiscretions! Jimmy's house still had no electricity! Dave drove all the way in from Dexter! I had to jury rig a P.A., as the old Peavey board appears to be under the weather, ...

The Indiscretions are fun and exciting, and I love writing music and words for Samantha to sing! So after practice, I followed Dave, Jen and Sam to LZ's Chinese Dish, and ate some great chinese food, beef, lamb, and sweet & sour pork.

I gave Samantha a pair of LP (Latin Percussion) maracas for xmas gift!

Then picked up Hustle and Sanchez, went to DJLC practice again at THE SPACE, sang vocals through Eli's guitar amp again.... Scot gave us each a GIANT bag of 'holiday mix', chex mix stuff, which I'm currently scarfing. So that'll be the last time DJLC gets together in 2016! Le Petit Mort played an AMAZING fun show at the Campbell Club last week, and a cute! young lady asked ME if Le Petit Mort could

Its been icy as hell out there. I haven't had to drive in it too much, but its very slick and dangerous.
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I'm dating a Canadian ex-pat, Mindy. After this election, we're talking about moving to Canada (along with half the US population)
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Monday, August 29. Odometer reading: 295,227
11:30 am . 19 cabs idle in the sweltering heat. August in the cab sucks, that's why I took a little time off, but had to pickup a few shifts at shelter care in the midst of it, when I was running out of $. neither of these jobs offers any paid time off.

Tuesday, August 30. Odometer: 295,376
11:30 am . 15 cabs idle

Thursday, September 1st. odometer reading: 295,919
11:20 am . 20 cabs idle. Too many cabs out.

The Ex-Soothesayers project is going to be called MOTORBOATS! we're playing a show on a boat on the willamette river October 1st.

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that was a great show. beast of eden were a ton of fun
I didn't feel like I brought any humans down to the show, yet there was big Mike, and Billy D,
Robin from Beast of Eden asked if he could use my VOX AC15, and I said sure.
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after vowing to not accept any more last-minute, fill-in bookings,
I accepted an offer for a DJLC show at HiFi Lounge
My son JP did the flyer.

Timothy stayed here thursday, we went to the coast with waffles. I did not take any pictures except with my mind.... but it was warm, breezy, a little muggy even out there.
its hot again today, 97 degrees.

for this show tonight, we are doing the beginning of our set, like we did on our little tour in January , the songs are:

Our version of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (considerably punked)
Zucchini boy
I'd rather be clogging
Buggery on the High Seas
Wake of the Medusa/Turkish song of the Damned
and ending with a few songs on the baritone guitar...
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I ran out of gas on my motorcycle.

Banner's mom came to the house to stay for the weekend.

I took waffles to the dog park at Amazon Park, walked laps with chatting with JT, and told him of all the shenanigans happening near me, Satya had quite a train wreck on Tuesday, the gossip factor of which demands that I tell the story to someone who is at least marginally removed. So that conversation lasted 5 laps of the park.

Later Went to BlairAlley barcade and caught up with Scot and Russell. Went to hang with them at Scot's place, where I used to live! Its now called the cathouse, because of reasons. We stopped at Old Nick's, then went to Black Forest for Dwight Dickinson show. Scot and I are sometimes members of Dwight's band, but he performed as a trio with Eddie Cancer on bass, and a new drummer named Dan ( who drives a sweet VW vanagon westfalia. ) I ran over to WOW Hall, as I had won tickets to Led Zepagain, cover band, and watched that for a while and had a beer in their lounge downstairs. Then I returned to Black Forest, had some pickle chips, then drove Scot and Russell to 80's night, just as it was ending. I was accosted by a longtime Soothesayers fan, Vanya. I was limited in what I could say about the Old Nick's Kerfuckle, didn't want to say that I think Tim is fucking up, and going after Emily, Vanya is a sweet kid, and he told me about all of his first edition vinyl of MC5, Stooges, Rocket from the Tombs, Johnny Thunders, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

Dog Park.
Yard Work, minimal eating, I had a microwaved Angus Burger patty with black rice, with horse radish, sriracha and some dried cherries for a desert.
I went to 'The Space' to play music with my Soothesayers people, Samantha and Jimmy. Jen and Chris joined us there with some 2 towns cider and tons of fresh raspberries and strawberries.

Stopped in at Pint Pot, and had their new smoked pork chop, with a thimble of Aardbeg 10 year scotch and a pint of guinness on nitro.
put the motorbike battery on the trickle charger.

Got my bike out for a ride! its a '92 nighthawk 750, probably needs a good going-through before I take it up to Portland or the coast... but I had fun today, and it ran great.

Troy (Anti-Troy) and Ben ((Black Forest cook!)
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The Master said: "There he is, with the powers of the dragon, and yet lying hid. The world cannot influence him, for he does not pander to its approval. He lives withdrawn from the world without regret, and its disapproval doesn’t bother him. He rejoices in this opportunity to further his work, but if circumstances do not favor this he can as easily retire. He cannot be separated from the source of his being. This is the dragon lying hid."

The Aggrolites are one of my favorite live acts. The organ player, Rivas, is fun to watch... This show was at The W.O.W. Hall, a historic old theater here in Eugene. Honestly, its pretty rare that I go there to see music, as my musical taste doesn't always match theirs... Though I have seen
Mad Caddies, Bunny Gang, Aggrolites
Wayne 'the train' Hancock
Jonathan Richman
Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed
Flogging Molly
the Skatalites
this Video was recorded on a little handheld camcorder...

Apparently, I have a youtube channel:
and for the time being, there is still a

I have had a lot of flying dreams lately, and this I Ching reading: "Creative Activity" was encouraging in a 'magic thinking' or superstitious kind of way. I'm kneeling next to my bed, typing this on my macbook, with my cat Jackie nuzzling against my hands as i try to type. (!)

and, Wednesday: a double header! Hambone Skot and Dirty Sanchez double birthday party at Old Nick's.
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Alcohol included! That's how they roped me in. Being on a giant cruise ship has never appealed to me! trapped with norovirus and overpriced airline food, expensive drinks and limited entertainment options, NOT my idea of relaxing.
But last year, Nathen Maxwell and the Bunny Gang crashed on my floor at the apartment on Monroe Street. They were talking about the cruise last year, alcohol was NOT included that time, and I'd heard people talking about their $400 a day bar tabs.
But the circumstances were right: Rancid, Fishbone, The Slackers, Flogging Molly (of course), Bunny Gang, Authority Zero, and LOTS of newer, younger, more pop-sounding acts that had less appeal to me.

So I probably will not go again next year, even though the enthusiasm shown by the participants ("Ship Mates") is off the chart cute and inspiring, I may have a hard time justifying the expense.
Played tennis with my daughter today, she is staying over,
I have a new tenant/housemate, the rent she's paying will be a big help
Waffles got some shots, and had gross welts on her body wednesday, they were finally gone yesterday.
More soon. Thanks for staying tuned.

Tour Spiel

Feb. 4th, 2016 05:14 pm
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Taxi Follies:
Then there was this little older couple on their way to the airport, they go every Christmas to Hawaii. Talk about their timeshare. And then the guy says that he's afraid to go snorkeling because of poisonous snakes well I'm not afraid of poisonous snakes. the snorkeling was awesome! I'm sorry that you live such a sheltered and secluded and secure life.... you should've seen the way that he set all the alarms and passed out notes to all the neighbors that he was gonna be gone for a few days, well actually three weeks. i thought I was paranoid....

Our little DJLC tour:
It started with a 'double' at Black Forest, as Davy Jones' Locker Combo opened, X-Boyfriends played what is supposedly their last show ever, then Le Petit Mort finished. The bands had $180 to split, and we opted to give X-Boyfriends half, instead of just one third.
Satya's friend offered us the use of her 16 foot camper trailer, with the caveat that she come along with it, cook our food, etc. She actually bought a whole lot of food, cooked some of it for us, but it was cramped and claustrophobic inside that trailer, also I'm ashamed to say the brake lights didn't work, and I opted to drive it anyway. The truck was a RAM 1500 with 4 wheel drive, new tires, the truck was in great shape. but we used the trailer to haul all our gear, more or less 2 bands' worth, since we are all members of Davy Jones' Locker Combo AND le Petit Mort (the acoustic group which includes my banjo , and Satya's upright bass)
about 5 on Friday, we dropped off waffles (my dog!) at my dad's, then really hauled ass up to Tukwila, WA, outlying Seattle area. We texted ahead that we might be late, but it turned out fine. The 'door guy' for the evening was Meat Pie, who plays in a group called Space Waster. Meat Pie directed me to park out back of the club, and just pull up as close as I could to the club, since there wasn't much traffic, no problem.
the bands were Everwood Pines, Nordis, Davy Jones' Locker Combo, and Dwight Dickinson. Dwight shared our drummer, Charlie Hustle, so he was a sweaty tired mess by the end of it. it wasn't TOO cold, but it was pretty cold.
we parked the trailer in a Wal Mart parking lot, and had to stow the gear in the truck of the cab while we slept. The trailer has a queen and two singles, one of those singles is a little claustrophobic, but that's where I slept.
My band members are fucking potheads. so much pot did they smoke.
Saturday, we had 2 shows in one day! We headed down to Vancouver, WA to play at 'Writ Fest', which turned out to be a festival of introverts at a very mellow house party, which was totally cool with me. Erik Anarchy played, and a few other acts, then we played, using borrowed equipment of the house members, the drum kit was falling apart as Scot played it, so that was a challenge, but we rocked. Chantel made some enchiladas that were out of this world. We were out of there by 5, and headed to Longview, WA, where we played at a Chinese Restaurant! It was off the hook! Most of the bands incorporated some folk-punk elements, like banjo, acoustic bass, harmonica, etc. The first band was banjo, snare and acoustic bass, called Stealin' Your Booze. Davy Jones played second, to a sweet spot packed house and nearly tore the roof off the place with some sweet slam dance action in the front, next was Dwight Dickinson, doing his patriotic schtick, then "Long-tucky picks and the faulty grip" and they played for over an hour. We parked the trailer outside the house of some of the Longtucky guys, and they fed us breakfast next morning.
Sunday we rolled into Portland the next day with plans to play at an open mic at the Laurelthirst pub, but we didn't get a good spot, and the constant rain made the long wait sound like a drag, so we stayed over Scot's friend's house near the trendy North Mississippi area, Chantel made us a beef roast.
Monday we went back to Seattle again. I got us a KOA campsite, we dumped the septic (whew!) Scot was very nervous about booking the Monday night show, and his fears were not unfounded, as the club was pretty disappointed at our (lack of) turnout. but we did manage to swing by the U district and pickup my friend JT, and brought him along to the show. This was another 'double' where we played as 2 separate bands, but of course that means fewer spectators, and therefore paying customers. I don't know what they expected on a Monday, but I had fun.
I was really getting tired of driving the trailer, so we came back to Eugene Tuesday. Last night, we drove up to Portland again to play at Ash Street Saloon. not a big show, but super fun. Friday we go back up again for the Tardis Room show with Dwight.
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its absolutely pissing down with rain, as it has for at least the past 2 weeks . We've had a few brief breaks for 'partial sunshine', but otherwise brutal winds, torrential rains, flooding and the overall general mayhem that accompanies these storm systems that pile up on each other...
Of course, I'm out there driving in it. I've been "full-time" at Oregon Taxi since February of 2015, where my 'meat and potatoes' is the ride source account: mostly driving older folks to medical appointments. The owner of the cab I'm driving has been really great to me, and offered plenty of 'overtime' in the form of extra hours in the taxi, beyond what I'm paying on the lease. The trick is that I get complacent about the early morning hours, I'm able to come in later than I 'need to', and run the cab later, with the potential to make more. The hitch is that there is no guarantee of actually making more, and I find that the early morning clinic runs are about the only consistent hours with heavy activity. So if I sleep in till 7 am, I'm (potentially) missing out on some of these high dollar runs to the outskirts of civilization around here. There is not any guarantee, however, that if I DO get in bright and early, I will make money, the distribution of work is so random and haphazard. The cab company has figured out my old tricks and implemented a more randomized distribution of these better paying runs. So there is no merit award based on performance, and being better or more patient in the job only pays off in the health and wellness category, based on lower stress level for the driver (me). So I have this nagging feeling that I'm a slacker, and that even one small traffic collision could wreak havoc.
yet I persist.
music-wise I'm keeping busy with four projects:
The Soothesayers
Davy Jones' Locker Combo
Pirate Radio
La Petit Mort
with my calendar of events at:
my daughter and I are flying down to L.A. to see my mom and step dad, but I don't have plans for actual Christmas Day, and I had actually hoped to be in the cab (it might be snowing that day) but I think the regular Friday guy is keeping his day shift...
meanwhile, its just me and my animals around here.
Soothesayers played at Naughty Dottie's Dirty Flirty Thirty party Saturday.
I took Tim Kinney up to Portland Sunday to see X and Mike Watt, but haven't been out since then.
I'm not currently dating anyone, but I'm available! I discontinued my OKCupid, because it was OKStupid. The only ladies I took an interest in were people I've already known, and I feel like a creepy stalker with the 'wink and kink' interface of reading internet profiles and looking at candid photos.
Hope this finds you all well, and I wish you a Happy and Festive Solstice celebration, whatever that may mean to you!

Wed 23
First Annual Krampus Holiday Special!!!
The Googins (Local punk Eugene)
Lucia (Metal)
The Soothesayers (Eugene Female fronted Garage Punk)
Astern (Metal)
Come celebrate The Holidays at Old nicks
First Annual Krampus Holiday Special!!!

Naughty or Nice show up and rock out to this awesome Lineup :
You never know you might get a visit from Father Christmas, but knowing you.... Krampus might be waiting on the shadows......... Gruss von Krampus! $3
9:00 | $3-5 sliding scale
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Davy Jones' Locker Combo played 2 shows this week: Old Nick's and Boreal, big surprise!
Wednesday was Kim's show at Old Nick's, featuring two train hopper bands, and the DJLC. Le Petit Mort was supposed to play, but Whisky Scotty had a surgery,

(edit 6/22/17: some pictures were missing, that was a weird show, I feel like we played great, but the other groups were last minute, and sounded grating. RIP Boreal.)

then Friday, (last night) at Boreal with Googins and and Not a Part of It.

Tonight, Me and Santina are cuddling with Jackie and Waffles, and binge watching Netflix.
Thanksgiving was some work, but amazing in several ways; having my kids see my (long-divorced) parents get along so well
Apparently, I'm rainbow dash.

lots of upcoming shows: I'm playing bass with Pirate Radio, opening for TSOL on Jan 13th.

Soothesayers are opening for the Supersuckers in February, and playing Dot's birthday party 12/9 and a Krampus show at Old Nick's 12/23.
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had a crap day with the taxi cabbing, but I managed to bill over $300 of RideSource rides from only 2 (short) days last week, after returning from my California trip.

Pirate Radio has a show Sunday, ... I think its for Emily's Birthday, we were going to rehearse at Roadrunner Studios, and I still owe them $100 balance for expensive recording with Davy Jonesers back in August. I wasn't really happy with the recording, nor with the method they used, which assures that they take a long-ass time, and charge by the hour, and get high with my bandmates. but still $100 is $100, and I agreed to pay it, I'm just not in a big hurry to pay it. But Pirate Radio booked rehearsal time there, and Tony used that as a bargain chip to force me to pay up, which is actually fine, I just won't record there again, but the Pirate Radio guys got pissed that Tony was using this as a way to exact payment. So, I said we can just practice at my place, which is great for me, as its free! I will still pay Tony, don't worry.
He charges WAY too much for rehearsal time as well.
but if anything, this has inspired me to get some music happening within the actual confines of Mertz Manor. bring it on.

I managed to get up to Portland to spend some time with both my kids on Sunday, and that was totally awesome. Santina and I went to the Portland Aquarium, then had Sushi with James.
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Cops Gun Down un-Armed
Journalist’s Career
LA Times fires Ted Rall – evidence blows up
in newspaper’s face

Tale of the Tape

After the LA Times fired me as a favor to the LAPD, I spent weeks trying to trace the provenance of the dodgy tape supplied by the LAPD. Who at LAPD gave it to whom at the LA Times? Too bad the institution that ought to be investigating such things refused to do so. Read More. | Leave a comment.

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at 1:15, she mentions an old campaign slogan, but somehow she can't bring herself to say the word 'stupid'
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of this self-imposed "hell week"

I threw myself on a grenade, in order to help my co-worker get the time off she badly needed for her wedding and honeymoon.  so its bascially 13 days' consecutive work: 12 hour shifts driving the taxi, then this weekend as relieft at Sheltercare.  but last night was wicked awesome.

Le Petit Mort played at Old Nick's, the rest of the show consisted of some burlesque and a 'Vaudeville Historian" (see previous post)

Denise mentioned grilled figs with feta and prosciutto, and I already had a GIANT block of feta, I could have gotten the figs free from the old monroe place, but I was in a hurry to get back home to Waffles.... so these grilled figs are definitely happening, I just wish I had that special someone to share them with... instead of just Waffles.


Aug. 28th, 2015 06:30 pm
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tonight I will have played at Old Nick's for the thrid time in 3 days.

wednesday was Davy Jones Locker Combo with Phil Merwin acoustic and The Manx (L.A.).  we sounded pretty bad, I'd say mostly because Scot and Satya were at the D.R.O. event, ( formerly the Drunken Retard Olympics, they're now calling it the 'drink responsibly olympics ) out near Alsea Falls.  I didn't go because I had work, but they were doing some day drinking and sporting: beer can golf, beer can badmitten, etc. but then somewhere along the way, I kept bashing Scot's cymbals with my guitar (visual cues?) which knocked it WAY out of toon, .... we had lots of fun, but it wasn't our best moment.  Last night we played again, as DJLC, tonight its Le Petit Morte, which is still me Scot and Satya with the additional Scot doing acoustic shanty-core.

Le Petit Mort (Mertz, Sancho, Scot and Scot)

Brain Ake (Bucky, Marjareen)

I worked a shift at Garden Place today, and the H.R. dude, Jim, said I could keep my med-passing delegation, even though, technically it would've been lost since I haven't done a med pass in 30 days.
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Tenmile Mountain Bash Campout/Concert nhappened over last weekend.  Jason Kelly was put in charge of procuring musical talent, and he did a great job, though I might be biased because JK loves him some Mertz.  Friday was mostly jam bands of the Grateful Dead/Pink Floyd variety: these are the tenmile mountain regulars, and though its not my 'cup of tea' by any means, the musicians are local and friendly.  The party was started by Sam's friend, Searose, and used to take place at tenmile creek rd in Yachats, Oregon.  The party has been moved in recent years to a bigger spot, with more camping spaces, more music, bigger stage, etc.
Saturday, my group DAVY JONES LOCKER COMBO played in the afternoon.  We got a great response, but most of the crowd were still not ready or receptive to any band that played for less than 2 hours!  I like to leave 'em wanting more, and we hadn't had a whole lot of practice, but the crowd forced us to play pretty much every song we know, and then improvise a bit.  So I'm not crazy about the whole hippie vibe, but its hard to argue when people are being so friendly, and get SO into the music.  The older guys in the crowd seemed to appreciate our act, and praised us for not playing 20 minute songs in a 3 hour set.  Other Saturday bands included: The Googins, Beast of Eden, Everyday Automaton, The Soothesayers (featuring your truly), and a surprising late night acoustic set by LE PETIT MORT (also featuring your humble narrator, I'm kind of a whore huh?)  I think this was the highest attendance (see?) there has been at Tenmile yet, even without the 'big name' acts of years prior.
My Mom is visiting, at the same time that my daughter is in town for her Eugene Ballet Academy summer intensive.  So, its great having everybody around after a VERY quiet two months at Mertz Manor, but I'm having to sleep on the couch.
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Davy Jones' Locker Combo will record this weekend at Roadrunner Studios.  its OCF weekend ( so Samantha will be there running a booth for Broomchick (
I don't know if Tim will be doing security for OCF this year, as he will be balls deep in the operations of Old Nick's
speaking of which, 80's punk darlings of Orange County, Adolescents will be playing there soon:

I think I will be going with Le Petit Morte, to Seadog Nights:  ( to perform Somali-style ShantyCore.

I had a mellow 4th of July with my daughter and my dad and my dog.  Came back to work Monday, and kicked a fair amount of ass, as I had many cash fares today with some huge tips.


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